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Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap.


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Issue 143367 - Add option to disable Quick Search provider
  • Issue 118920 - NB --help documentation should mention project opening

Window System


  • Issue 224618 - Refresh modules cache while closing IDE
  • Issue 222076 - Output Window enhancements (Ctrl+A, text selection, ...)
  • Output Window - limit number of lines
  • Output Window - line folding, heuristics or some API


  • TBD


  • Find in Projects
    • Issue 222406 - Icon for scopes in Find in Projects dialog
    • Issue 219428 - Double click on file in Search Results opens first match
    • Issue 202628 - Show neighboring lines in Search Results matches (?)
    • Issue 200020 - Manipulate Search Results (allow deletion of items)
    • Issue 211098 - Improve layout of Find in Projects dialog (+add examples?)
    • Issue 224141 - Solve problems with wildcards in file name pattern
    • Issue 224328 - Solve problems with wildcards in text to find pattern
    • Issue 224326 - Search and Usage results have different default list mode

Unit Testing

  • TBD

DB Support

  • Issue 65762 - Size column cannot be zero for varchar
  • Issue 68014 - Validate database name
  • Issue 146983 - Add possibility to choose MySQL installation
  • Issue 154634 - Allow moving columns in create table dialog
  • Issue 156491 - Remember page size settings
  • Issue 195880 - SQL command tab name
  • Issue 155167 - Code formatting, folding and bracket matching (patch)
  • Issue 156304 - MetadataElementHandle doesn't support Value type (patch)
  • Issue 204414 - There is no "Select In > Services" (patch)
  • Issue 205819 - Allow to run partial queries not only from context menu (patch)
  • Issue 197408 - Enable editting of connection properties for db connections (patch)


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD

Version Control

  • support for HG queues switching
  • diffs between branches (svn, hg, git)
  • rebase for hg and git
  • mercurial repository browser
  • resolve VCS/Parsing collisions: improvements in running commands from the IDE so user does not need to go to commandline. An alternative is making running external commands as inconvenient as possible. See versioning commands statistics
  • ref.

Team Support

  • TBD

Features of Java 7 we would like to use

  • Some NIO.2 features could be used in Find in Projects and Output Window
  • NIO.2 for symlink detection in the Git Library: #224551
  • TBD
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