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Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap.


  • Main topics
    • deploy NetBeans on Mac Application store
    • better support/wizards for NBI in NetBeans RCP
    • Mac native
      • Mac launcher
        • Issue 137169 - Can not register NetBeans as my application for opening files
      • Mac installer
    • Non-ASCII issues
      • Wiki page
      • Issue 222846 - non-ascii characters in installation path
      • Issue 222850 - [i18n] Unable to launch IDE in a folder with non-ascii characters
    • General installers
      • Issue 213250 - zip.html download page should list descriptions of the ZIP files
      • Issue 71043 - Do not resolve symbolic links in path
      • Issue 186340 - Add an option to use custom branding for generated installers
      • Issue 118695 - Show netbeans ads while installing
      • Issue 122233 - Put a link to the Wiki in the dialog that shows installation errors
      • Issue 194524 - Add "Edit with NetBeans" to Windows context menu
      • Issue 100342 - Launcher should be able to handle (restrict) beta/rc/ea versions of java
      • Issue 191931 - Provide language options in installation wizard



  • Main topics
    • Improve rating/commenting/showing of community plugins in IDE
    • Summary pros/cons of Major-2-Major Upgrade use-case
    • Issue 198253 - "Show on Plugin Portal" button - allow rating/comment on PP site
    • Issue 202757 - allow users to decide which "recommends" plugins are installed
    • Issue 49619 - Need the ability to back out a installed nbm or group of nbms (as in a patch or service pack concept)
    • Issue 201162 - Installed plugins don't show Homepage in Plugins dialog
    • Issue 161112 - Export plugin
    • Issue 220366 - Add possibility to disable plugin that causes failure of installation in IDE Installer
    • Issue 200807 - Netbeans IDE Plugin Installer doesn't skip bad plugins
    • Issue 206820 - Netbeans Updater should be incremental, allow install all downloaded plugins if download failed somewhere
    • Issue 215092 - Add support to install NBMs files directly from Files/Favorites view
    • Issue 215533 - Add setting to force shared plugin install in netbeans.conf
    • Autoupdate in RCP
      • Issue 215426 - Proxy button in Tools->Plugins assumes "General" option is present
      • Issue 215430 - Branding is not used when installing plugins


  • Import Settings
    • Issue 129666 - No progress indication while copying settings from earlier version on first startup
    • Issue 224370 - Support for hooking into the import process
    • Issue 211058 - Allow user to select user dir to upgrade
  • TBD


  • Issue 143367 - Add option to disable Quick Search provider
  • Options&Settings
    • Issue 185906 - options should not wait in the EDT for loading the available categories
    • Issue 221802 - Select preferably tab with the searched name filled in filter field in Options
    • Issue 219924 - Make Search in options consistent with quicksearch
    • Issue 207816 - Change default directory in Import dialog to new default place of userdirs
    • Issue 207120 - Allow options Dialog to be modal
    • Issue 204921 - Apply button in Options dialog
    • Issue 203932 - An editor for default settings (etc/netbeans.conf)
    • Issue 203561 - Scrollable tabs in options

Window System

  • Issue 222848 - Support for mousewheel and other gestures
  • Issue 219669 - Progress Suspend API
  • Issue 223979 - Editor tab enhancements
  • Make some text (warning/info messages) in dialog windows selectable and copy it to clipboard.
  • Filter content in New File/Project window
  • Possibly some other enhancements in New Project window
  • Dark theme for Nimbus and Metal l&f
  • Split editor windows
  • Embedded browser enhancements - open in new window, save as, open in firefox, ...
  • Prototype new implementation of window system based on JavaFX


  • Issue 224618 - Refresh modules cache while closing IDE
  • Output Window - limit number of lines (2w)
  • Output Window - line folding, heuristics or some API (2w)
  • Issue 222076 - Output Window enhancements (Ctrl+A, text selection, ...) (1d)
  • Issue 213996 - Module System could read a separate "extra" cluster distinct from userdir



  • Find in Projects
    • Issue 211098 - Improve layout of Find in Projects dialog (+add examples?) (1d)
    • Issue 219428 - Double click on file in Search Results opens first match (1d)
    • Issue 200020 - Manipulate Search Results (allow deletion of items, patch) (1d)
    • Issue 224141 - Solve problems with wildcards in file name pattern (1d)
    • Issue 224328 - Solve problems with wildcards in text to find pattern (1d)
    • Issue 222406 - Icon for scopes in Find in Projects dialog (1d)
    • Issue 202628 - Show neighboring lines in Search Results matches (?) (1d)
    • Issue 224326 - Search and Usage results have different default list mode (1d)

Unit Testing

  • Common Test Runner
  • TestNG
    • Issue 223660 - Upgrade testng to newest stable version
    • Issue 212159 - Testwizard always wants to create junit tests at first
  • Junit
    • Issue 52960 - Rename/Move class should refactor appropriate Test class
    • Issue 143763 - (JUnit Results Window) Running multiple selected tests
    • Issue 162593 - Add hints to Junit test generation
    • Issue 199544 - Go To Test action should also work for integration test (IT) classes
    • Issue 216791 - Automatically open Test Results window
    • Issue 207686 - Show by default name of successful junit test when run as focused test
    • Issue 203078 - Provide way to run all tests in a package
    • Issue 223361 - Let user copy Stack Trace from Test output
    • Issue 216334 - Double-click on a failing testcase method should open the line with the failing assertation within the testfile
    • Issue 212025 - Open Test result tab in new tab...
  • TBD

DB Support

  • Issue 156491 - Remember page size settings (1d)
  • Issue 154634 - Allow moving columns in create table dialog (1d)
  • Issue 204414 - There is no "Select In > Services" (patch)
  • Issue 146983 - Add possibility to choose MySQL installation (1d)
  • Issue 155167 - Code formatting, folding and bracket matching (patch)
  • Issue 156304 - MetadataElementHandle doesn't support Value type (patch)
  • Issue 205819 - Allow to run partial queries not only from context menu (patch)
  • Issue 197408 - Enable editing of connection properties for db connections (patch)
  • Issue 195880 - SQL command tab name (1d)


  • Issue 224716 - Adapt Java debugger to new JDK 8 language features (Lambda)
  • Issue 79027 - Allow to activate/deactivate all breakpoints
  • Issue 191801 - Provide access to valueCurrent() and valueToBe() of WatchpointEvent. Also provide access to thrown exception instance.
  • Issue 215681 - More control on debugger stepping (for JRebel integration)
  • Issue 81925 - Provide easy navigation to variable class types
  • Issue 141545 - Add New column into breakpoints view: Hit count
  • Issue 201387 - Java Debugger Conditional Breakpoint Performance - explore a possibility to use instrumentation or an "agent" class.
  • Issue 206668 - Display human readable java.util.Date objects in Variables
  • Issue 212827 - Display color type variables as a picture of its color in Variables


  • Issue 204221 - Not obvious how to add/update license headers
  • Issue 221998 - Set user per project using hgrc or equivalent


Outline & TreeTable




  • TBD

Version Control

  • rebase for hg and git (2w)
  • diffs between branches (svn, hg, git) (2-3w)
  • mercurial repository browser (1w)
  • resolve VCS/Parsing collisions: improvements in running commands from the IDE so user does not need to go to commandline. An alternative is making running external commands as inconvenient as possible. See versioning commands statistics
  • support for HG queues switching (1-2d)
  • Issue 216487 - hg changeset transplanting from the IDE (3d)
  • ref.
  • Issue 218918 - support for ssh-agent (1w)
  • Issue 214190 - "Load next 30 days" should jump to the next available change
  • in case we switch from VCSFileProxy to nio.path, than maybe also vcs.core should be made public
  • remote HG (1-2m)
  • minor enhancements, see BZ for planned issues (2w-indefinite)

Connected Developer

  • finalize ODCS support - external libs etc.
  • Hudson
    • Issue 214300 - Permit "Show Failures" to be enabled on multiple-node selections (patch)
    • Issue 224587 - Automatic connection when expanding instance node (patch)
    • Issue 215135 - Support ViewGroup's (patch)

Issue Tracking

  • integrate Tasks Dashboard into trunk. Adjust already existing Issue Tracking functionality so that it is trimmed to work smoothly with the Tasks Dashboard - query table vs. TD, adding issues to categories, saving queries, ...
  • Issue 204311 - offline mode for bugtracking
  • local tasks
  • add private notes to tasks
  • a lot of enhancements to be picked in case we will have some space left

Connected Developer reuse

reuse parts of NetBeans Connected Developer functionality in JDeveloper. Still more questions than answers at the moment - too many things have to be figured out first. Need more input from JDev team.

Task Contexts

depends on how much is going to be done for cdev reuse first ...

  • optimistic scenario - associate a kind of adhoc project groups with tasks. Eventually make breakpoints/bookmarks etc. task context sensitive.

Action Items

  • Issue 217276, Issue 210590 and Issue 161859 - MIME types and their comment patterns are hardcoded in code - Add settings panel which enables the user to add a MIME type and its comment patterns

Properties files

  • Issue 157754 - Move key nodes of the properties files to Navigator window
  • Issue 75906 - I18N - Add support for other encodings (other than ISO-8859-1)

Features of Java 7 we would like to use

  • JLayer to paint on top of standard Swing components. Evaluate possible use for notifications, search highlights etc.
  • Some NIO.2 features could be used in Find in Projects and Output Window
  • NIO.2 for symlink detection in the Git Library: #224551
  • vcs makes at several places use of file.getCanonicalFile() to identify symlinks. NIO.2 might provide a more performant way.
  • NIO.2 replace VCSFileProxy with nio.path (has impact on ADE support)
  • NIO 2 to detect NTFS Junction #222158 (tzezula)
  • NIO 2 to improve performance of up to date checking on Windows (tzezula)
  • Nashorn without JDK6 patch (phejl)
  • TBD
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