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* Bugtracking (Ondra) - local tasks, private notes, scheduling
* Bugtracking (Ondra) - local tasks, private notes, scheduling
** [ RFEs] (Honza, Ondra, Tomas)
** [ RFEs] (Honza, Ondra, Tomas)
* Git (Ondra) - based on VOC
* Versioning, mostly Git (Ondra) - based on VOC
** TBD
** [ RFEs]
* Mac launcher? (Libor)
* Mac launcher? (Libor)
* {{iz|234602}}Most favorrite plugins (prototype?)
* {{iz|234602}}Most favorrite plugins (prototype?)

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Core Plan 8.0 (Extended Platform team's plan)

Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap.


  • Filesystems, Datasystems (JardaH)
  • Java Debugger (MartinE)
  • Installers, Launchers, Autoupdate, DB (Libor)
  • A11Y (Fanis)
  • CDev reuse (Tomas)
  • running on JDK8 (JDK_8 bugs)

More maintenance

  • Unit Testing (Fanis) - upgrade to JUnit 4.12 and related changes
  • Subversion (Ondra) - upgrade to svnkit 1.8 and related changes
  • Git (Ondra) - upgrade to jgit 3.0.2 to fix some issues
  • Maven (Milos) - Maven 3.1.1 upgrade
  • JNA 4.0 upgrade (Standa) and related changes for the changed APIs
  • Bugtracking (Tomas) - SPI stabilization
  • Options window redesign (Standa, Honza) driven by UI team's review
  • Mac OS-X 10.9 (Standa) - any new bugs, UI facelift?
  • Windows 8.1 - any upcoming bugs?

New features

  • JavaScript Debugger (Martin) - based on VOC, yet unknown
  • Tasks Dashboard (Honza) - enhancements
  • Bugtracking (Ondra) - local tasks, private notes, scheduling
    • RFEs (Honza, Ondra, Tomas)
  • Versioning, mostly Git (Ondra) - based on VOC
  • Mac launcher? (Libor)
  • Issue 234602Most favorrite plugins (prototype?)
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