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Core Plan 8.0 (Extended Platform team's plan)

Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap.

Installers, Launchers, AU

(Jirka, Libor)

  • Issue 225791 - possibility to set user passwords at installation time


  • review impl dependencies and eliminate where possible

Switching to JDK7

Mac specific

  • Issue 137169 - Can not register NetBeans as my application for opening files
  • Issue 217940 - Innovate building process of Mac native installers
  • Issue 173383 - Useful mpkg file name
  • Issue 173435 - The OSX disk image should hold only, not an mpkg file
  • Issue 115779 - Need a way to choose NetBeans installation folder


RCP installers

  • Issue 186340 - Add an option to use custom branding for generated installers



  • Image:yes.png Issue 196538 - streamlining arbitrary plugin installation via AU APIs

Module System




  • Issue 225852 - "Apply code changes" does not have effect for Maven project
  • Issue 224716 - Adapt Java debugger to new JDK 8 language features (Lambda)
  • Issue 215073 - Introduce pin watch
  • Issue 79027 - Allow to activate/deactivate all breakpoints
  • Issue 191801 - Provide access to valueCurrent() and valueToBe() of WatchpointEvent. Also provide access to thrown exception instance.
  • Issue 81925 - Provide easy navigation to variable class types
  • Issue 141545 - Add New column into breakpoints view: Hit count
  • Issue 201387 - Java Debugger Conditional Breakpoint Performance - explore a possibility to use instrumentation or an "agent" class.
  • Issue 206668 - Display human readable java.util.Date objects in Variables
  • Issue 212827 - Display color type variables as a picture of its color in Variables



  • resolve VCS/Parsing collisions: improvements in running commands from the IDE so user does not need to go to commandline. An alternative is making running external commands as inconvenient as possible. See versioning commands statistics


  • Image:yes.png support for queues switching (1-2d)
  • rebase (1w)
  • diff b/w branches (1w)
  • Issue 203650 - less merges due to better commit dialog (2d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 225625 - Take queues into account when running pull/fetch (1d)



  • diff b/w branches (1w)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 225355 - Merge dialog misses option to reintegrate a branch (1d)



  • (1m) Bugtracking API/SPI stabilization

Task Management


  • Task Dashboard tighter integration with BT, finalization, into standard build



  • Issue 214300 - Permit "Show Failures" to be enabled on multiple-node selections (patch)
  • Issue 224587 - Automatic connection when expanding instance node (patch)
  • Issue 215135 - Support ViewGroup's (patch)



  • upgrade JDBC drivers to latest versions (MySQL,..?)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 211047 - Confirm deletion of databases (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 156491 - Remember page size settings (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 154634 - Allow moving columns in create table dialog (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 204414 - There is no "Select In > Services" (patch)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 146983 - Add possibility to choose MySQL installation (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 155167 - Bracket matching in SQL files (patch)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 202833 - Add ability to filter the listed database/schemas in the Databases node
  • Image:yes.png Issue 205819 - Allow to run partial queries not only from context menu (patch)
  • Issue 156304 - MetadataElementHandle doesn't support Value type (patch)
  • Issue 197408 - Enable editing of connection properties for db connections (patch)
  • Issue 195880 - SQL command tab name (1d)



  • Issue 193873 - history for the Run button
  • Issue 168578 - Save open files as part of project group, not individual projects
  • Issue 210465 - Distinguish required projects from submodules
  • Project License Header template selection in the various project types
  •  ??? Issue 223992 - Support Open Project on unrecognized directories
  • Maven
    • Issue 197577 - per project group custom maven instance
    • Issue 215594 - Run all CoS related execution by Maven, not Ant
    • Issue 218145 - Allow setting custom settings.xml file
    • editor hints, performance improvements associated with upgrade to new maven (upcoming release)



  • Issue - indicate license of added dependency
  • Issue 201453 - blacklist non-public apis
  • Issue 200833 - export package action on packages nodes
  • Issue 207960 - accept patch with hint for @MIMEResolver.Registration


(Standa, Fanis)

Unit Tests


  • Image:yes.png Issue 198771 - Standard shortcut for Test Results window action (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 216791 - Automatically open Test Results window (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 212025 - Open Test result tab in new tab... (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 189113 - Rerun last unit test (2d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 207686 - Show by default name of successful test when run as focused test (1d)
  • TestNG
    • Issue 223660 - Upgrade testng to newest stable version (1w)
    • Image:yes.png Issue 212159 - Testwizard always wants to create junit tests at first (1d)
  • Junit
    • Image:yes.png Issue 62897 - Rename test after renaming method (3d)
    • Image:yes.png Issue 162593 - Add hints to Junit test generation (3d)
    • Image:yes.png Issue 199544 - Go To Test action should also work for integration test (IT) classes (2d)
    • Image:yes.png Issue 223361 - Let user copy Stack Trace from Test output (1d)
    • Image:yes.png Issue 216334 - Double-click on a failing testcase method should open the line with the failing assertation within the testfile (1d)


Notification Center


  • UEXNotifications - new Notification Center component (new UI, new API, relationship with bubble component, possible relationship with progress, introduction of the logging in additional areas throughout the IDE)

Action Items component




  • new way of JavaHelp consumption in build and at runtime



  • Image:yes.png Issue 143367 - Add option to disable Quick Search provider
  • Image:yes.png Issue 211098 - Improve layout of Find in Projects dialog (+add examples?) (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 219428 - Double click on file in Search Results opens first match (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 200020 - Manipulate Search Results (allow deletion of items, patch) (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 224141 - Solve problems with wildcards in file name pattern (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 224328 - Solve problems with wildcards in text to find pattern (2d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 222406 - Icon for scopes in Find in Projects dialog (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 224326 - Search and Usage results have different default list mode (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 202628 - Show neighboring lines in Search Results matches (?) (1d)

Output Window


  • line folding, heuristics or some API (4w)
  • Issue 187013, Issue 185462 - Limit number of lines (2w)
  • Issue 218851 - Hide unsupported escape sequences in output (2d)
  • Issue 222076 - Output Window enhancements (Ctrl+A, text selection, ...) (1d)

Open File




  • Image:yes.png Issue 129666 - Import - No progress indication while copying settings from earlier version on first startup (2d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 224370 - Import - Support for hooking into the import process (2d)
  • Issue 185906 - options should not wait in the EDT for loading the available categories (1w)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 221802 - Select preferably tab with the searched name filled in filter field in Options (1d)
  • Image:yes.png Issue 207816 - Change default directory in Import dialog to new default place of userdirs (1d)
  • Issue 207120 - Allow options Dialog to be modal for RCP apps (1d)
  • Issue 204921 - Apply button in Options dialog (1d)
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