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(Requirements for CSL in NetBeans 6.9)
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| P1
| P1
| API for adding filter buttons in navigator
| API for adding filter buttons in navigator
| Issue {{iz|150084}}, Issue {{iz|170281}}

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Requirements for CSL in NetBeans 6.9

This document contains a list of requirements from web team, which should be done in CSL and editor infrastructure to allow implements features in web languages support.

Priority Task Description Link Note
P1 Implements / Overrides Issue Issue 177571.
P1 Hierarchy view
P1 API for adding filter buttons in navigator Issue Issue 150084, Issue Issue 170281
P2 Create a configuration possibility for automatic remove trailing spaces. Issue Issue 166451, see http://blogs.sun.com/netbeansphp/entry/removing_trailing_spaces#comments In EditorPlan69
P2 mfukala Support for providing custom NavigatorPanel/s Issue Issue 177866. In EditorPlan69
P3 mfukala Code folding providers can provide specific fold description (name) Issue Issue 142711. Is this for the general code folding API (rather than CSL-specific)? - NO The common folding api allows this.
P3 Allow to open a file in different encoding. Something like Open with action. Where should this be implemented? (NOT CLS SPECIFIC, openide.text???)
P3 Allow to define end line character, which should be used. General editor request (NOT CLS SPECIFIC)
P3 API for declaring item in Navigator to collapsed/expanded as default Issue Issue 170281. In EditorPlan69
P3 Word wrapping Issue Issue 89894. In EditorPlan69 (NOT CLS SPECIFIC)
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