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OpenSolaris Explorer User View


  • Any user that investigates the OpenSolaris code.

Issue the feature solves

  • Browse OpenSolaris sources in IDE.


  • User downloads OpenSolaris sources ON.
  • User downloads OpenSolaris build log.
  • User downloads script that creates OpenSolaris projects by build log.
  • User is able to open project for any of command/libraries or core sources.

Feature specification

  • Projects structure mostly repeats source structure. I.e. commands are located in the cmd folder, libraries located in the lib folder.
  • Projects for commands and libraries require projects from commands and libraries.
  • Due to the huge size of the core project (uts), the project is not required for commands and libraries and vice versa.
  • There are three "super" projects that contain all commands, all libraries, all sources. This projects are hardly supported in IDE.


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