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Dev: Thomas Preisler (NB nick: thp), Alexander Simon (AS; NB nick: alexvsimon)

QA: Alexandr Alexandrov (NB nick: alexandrov)

Lead: Thomas Preisler


Create NetBeans/SunStudio projects for browsing OpenSolaris C/C++ sources

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Current Steps to Sreate the OpenSolaris Projects

  • nightly log files:
  • sources:
  • script:
0) Init
Create a folder called 'opensolaris' (the name is not important).

1) ON Sources
Download latest ON (OpenSolaris) sources 'on-src.tar.bz2' from to 'opensolaris'.
Unzip (bunzip2) 'on-src.tar.bz2' and untar 'on-src.tar'. It should create a 
folder called 'src' in 'opensolaris' with all the ON sources.

2) The Build Log
Copy matching build log file from
X86: /net/elpaso.sfbay/export/builds/onnv-gate/log/
Sparc: /net/juarez.sfbay/export/builds/onnv-gate/log/
to 'opensolaris'. The file is called nightly.log. Make sure you are
copying a log file that matches your platform (Sparc/X86).

3) Our Script
Copy the zip file
into 'opensolaris'. Unzip the file. It should create the following files in 'opensolaris':
  openSolarisProjects (folder)

4) Filter the build log
Run the script 'nightly.log.filter.bash'. It creates a filtered version of the log file
called 'part_of_nightly.log'.
NOTE: this step is not a step we want the user to perform. The build log from 2) should
already have been filtered but the step is necessary for now.

5) Create the OpenSolaris projects
Run the script 'createOpenSolarisProjects.bash'. It creates new projects in
~/NetBeansProjects/OpenSolarisProjects matching the ON sources. It takes between 10
and 20 minutes to run depending on hardware. It creates more than 100 projects in
~/NetBeansProjects/OpenSolarisProjects ready to be opened.


The feature is implemented.

No P1 or P2 issues.


Test Plan


Milestone Date Content
M1 Mid May Script that creates projects by build log implemented and ready to testing. Not all accuracy issues resolved.
M2 End May All components ready in the local net.
M3 Mid June All components ready in the OpenSolaris web site.
M4 End June Major issues from M1-M3 resolved
M5 FCS Quality raised to production level

Risks and dependencies

Status and test results

OpenSolaris Project: Navigator

Design specifications

Unit tests


Status Whiteboard keyword: pomona

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