Remote 6.9 features


  • Dev: Andrew Krasny (AK, NB nick: akrasny), Vladimir Kvashin (VK; NB nick: vkvashin)
  • Lead: Maria Tishkova (MT; NB nick: mromashova)


Imporove remote development usability


  • Viewing servers list in Services window
  • Browsing remote file system
  • Download generated files from remote host

User View

Viewing servers list in Services window

A new item should be added to Services window: "Development Hosts". Development hosts are shown as this item's children. By default it contain only one child that correspond to the local host.

For each host, tool chains are shown as children.

Browsing remote file system

User can add a remote host' file system to favorites and then browse it in "Favorites" window (since "Favorites" window is a natural way for NB user to browse file system that does not correspond to a particular project)

Adding to favorites is done via servers list in Services window.

Download generated files from remote host

This concerns situation when remote build creates or modifies project items (to put it more precise: either files that correspond to the project items or files within project source route, for which VCS query returns that they should be under source control).

If remote build creates or modifies such files, then there should be an option for downloading these files from remote host after build.

UI proposal: after build, a dialog appears that shows the such files list and ask user, whether (s)he wants these files to be delivered from remote host. Each file has a checkbox, so user can cancel or approve delivery for all files or per file.


Milestone Date Content


Remote file system browser: 177761

Showing remote hosts in Services window: 179465

Download generated files from remote host 174881

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