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CND 6.9 Plan

Draft of plan for release 6.9.

Category Feature Driver/Voc IZ Lead Team HIE Docs QA
Defining DBX integration SunStudio 159443 VV EU, VV + DBX team some some AP+ test scenarios
Support for C++ Unit Tests VOC + competitors 112571 VV TP yes yes
Editor: Multiple HyperLinks VOC + competitors 167975 VV VK some some
Project system API + Issues Enhancements + API client issues VV VV, TP, AV, VK some some
Remote features SunStudio MT AK, VK some some
Target Doxygen VOC + competitors 178882 VV TP some some
Fortran SunStudio 115759 VV NK - some
Makefiles VOC + completitors 178733 VV AV - some
Infrastructure Remote as a service SunStudio standalone products 179464 VV VK - -
Editor as a service SunStudio standalone products VV AV - -
Compatibility tests for external tools MT MT, AS, AK, EU - -

Quality Goals

0 P1, 0 P2, 150 P3

Besides Above

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