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CND 69 Doxygen

Doxygen is a tool to convert your C++ comments into publishable HTML. It works by extracting commentary directly from the source with the help of a special Doxygen syntax.


  • Dev: Thomas Preisler
  • Lead: Vladimir Voskresensky


  1. Use Doxygen generated html documentation in editors code completion.

User View

Doxygen Code Templates

Support commen Doxygen templates for easily adding Doxygen command to source files (see

Integration with Code Completion

Integrate html Doxygen docs with code completion. Code completion will automatically pick up the generated html documentation and present it in the code completion pop-up choice dialog.


Typical Workflow

  1. User installs Doxygen and possible also configures CND to know about Doxygen (Tools/Options/C/C++...)
  2. User adds Doxygen commands to source files. Either manual or using generated template.
  3. Code completion now shows proper documentation for classes, methods, etc. when invoked





Latest sources:

I have started experimenting with documentation in C/C++ code completion. The code is in the pelmel project: in the NB6.8 repository: in module "cnd"/"Extended C/C++ Editor". The module can be installed from this update center: Note that the module requires a very recent trunk build.


Milestone Date Content
1 1/18/10 User View Ready
2 3/15/10 Feature useful
3 NB 6.9 M1 4/07/10
4 NB 6.9 Beta 4/15/10 Feature complete
5 NB 6.9 Code Freeze 5/10/10 Done, all P1/2 bugs fixed.
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