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CND 69 Doxygen

Doxygen is a tool to convert your C++ comments into publishable HTML. It works by extracting commentary directly from the source with the help of a special Doxygen syntax.


  • Dev: Thomas Preisler
  • Lead: Vladimir Voskresensky


  1. Support Doxygen at a similar level as JUnit is supported by Java projects.
  2. Implement as plugin module using only public project SPIs/APIs.
  3. User builds and installs Doxygen application seperately. Doxygen is not distributed with NetBeans/CND.
  4. Integrate Doxygen with C/C++ managed projects in a similar fashion JUnit is integrated with Java projects supporting a wizard to create tests, Run actions to run test(s).
  5. No direct support for Doxygen for unmanaged projects
  6. Test and verify with Doxygen 1.6.2 available at Sourceforge


  1. Is 2) possible?

User View

Doxygen GUI frontend (Mac)

File:doxygen1.jpg File:doxygen2.jpg File:doxygen3.jpg File:doxygen4.jpg File:doxygen5.jpg File:doxygen6.jpg





Latest sources:


Milestone Date Content
1 1/18/10 User View Ready
2 NB 6.9 M1 Release 2/24/10
3 3/05/10 Feature useful
4 NB 6.9 Feature Freeze 3/08/10 Feature complete
5 NB 6.9 Code Freeze 4/16/10 Done, all P1/2 bugs fixed.
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