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After checking out the NB sources, its time to build it and modify it. This document will ensure you that, you build NB IDE yourself, efficiently and effectively.


  • You must have checkout the NetBeans sources using CVS, as stated above.
  • NetBeans IDE 6.0, if you don't have, you can get it from
  • You must have made atleast a single project using this IDE.


How To Build Sources

1. After you have checkout the sources.
2. Open the project node of NetBeans Build System as shown below.
3. Right-click the project node and select Build IDE (no-zip) option.

File:Build Process begins...

File:Bootstrapping and retrieving data from the log file...

File:Arguments passed to the Ant build-scripts for the IDE...

File:Build Successful.

View Development Version

  • NetBeans loading up modules, checking dependencies, configuring the system, connecting to the JDK, JRE, etc.


  • Have a look at the NetBeans Startup Window, similar to the one seen when the NetBeans IDE starts.


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