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* Using Progress Bar
* Using Progress Bar
* Using Status Bar
* Using Status Bar
* Home to [[BookNBPlatformCookbook|NetBeans Platform Cookbook]]
(Chapter of the [[BookNBPlatformCookbook|NetBeans Platform Cookbook]])
* up and previous to [[BookNBPlatformCookbookCH01|Modules]]
* next to [[BookNBPlatformCookbookCH0202|Using Dialog

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NetBeans Platform Cookbook Chapter 02

User Interface


NetBeans provides stable, tested and strong user interface framework for free. You can use prepared infrastructure of windows that can be moved, docked and knowing how to store own state. All is build on pure swing so you can integrate your swing components.

Menu, toolbar and context menu are built declaratively without coding. Even that work makes some wizard for you. You can create simple and complex dialogues by simple way, show progress of long action, integrate settings for your module into Option window, format log output, edit properties and visualize structures of your data. For all that you can integrate actions.

You are able to use HTML editor, editor for other languages or build your custom editor for language. The infrastructure of NetBeans editor works for you again.

Useful classes are provided by these modules:

  • Windows System API
  • Dialogs API
  • Output Window
  • Explorer and Property Sheet API
  • Options Dialogs and SPI
  • Progress UI
  • MultiView Windows

There are mode names for quick reference. Modes are containers or areas where your windows can be docked. You are allowed create your own mode.

  • Using Dialogues
  • Using Wizards
  • Navigator
  • Providing Help
  • Using Multiview
  • Using Options Panel
  • Using Palette
  • Properties
  • Using Output
  • Using Progress Bar
  • Using Status Bar


  • up and previous to Modules
  • next to [[BookNBPlatformCookbookCH0202|Using Dialog
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