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The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 6.5


The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 6.5

Author: Heiko Böck

The book deals with philosophy and structure of the NetBeans Platform. It introduces you to create rich client application using its modules. The programmer takes care about his problems and infrastructure of the application is matter of the Platform.


  • This book is well designed, assembled and written.
  • Used example (MP3 manager and player) covers all topics which you need learn. You will build it step by step and you will put all collected skills together into final application.
  • The book introduces global anatomy and philosophy of the NBP.
  • It contains details and specialities which you do not need to mine by Google or in discussions.
  • Warnings what not to forget by implementing, e.g. the first call of lookup method to activate LookupListener or putting ActionMap into TopComponents Lookup if you create your own TopComponent's Lookup or the must of AbsoluteLayout for DropAction of the Widget. Or saving of TopComponent's ActionMap into its Lookup that you provide instead of its (my own mistake). E.g. tips for using Hibernate and JPA.
  • Replaces many tutorials on - it is such a brilliant common tutorial. We recommend, try them all too!
  • Good description of wide used patterns - see chapter names!
  • It offers common examples built step by step and integrating each new feature.
  • It saves time because you do not need tons of documantation.
  • List of most important extension points.
  • Even, when you get be familiarized with NBP you will return to this book.
  • So buy it in paper-form!.


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  • Send us requirements, wishes or missing tips. Use mailing list for it.

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