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| Solar charger
| Solar charger
| Universal [ solar charger]
| Universal [ solar charger]
| cezariusz, dds.dhawal, sunbiz, paolosca,guan junming,lvping,mcreps
| cezariusz, dds.dhawal, paolosca,guan junming,lvping,mcreps
|- style="background-color:#dddddd;"
|- style="background-color:#dddddd;"
| USB flash drive
| USB flash drive

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Best Contribution Reward


The purpose of this page is to collect ideas for things that members of the contributing NetBeans community consider ideal as gifts. Everyone who is actively involved in the NetBeans community is encouraged to vote for already existing options or even add own suggestions. Just keep in mind that items should be neither heavy nor big so that we can send it in a bubble envelope. Voting means adding your username to the "Votes" cell. Suggesting new idea means adding new row with your username in the "Votes" cell. Also please don't vote for all items, because we need to distinguish the most preferable items from the rest.

Item Description Votes
T-shirt NetBeans branded cotton classic or polo t-shirt tusharvjoshi, cezariusz, dds.dhawal, medeag, paolosca, mperezma, ent38, scottwd9, javadimon, lvping, remould, carlosqt, cengizc, neerajchauriya, ytn01, rrhegde, vanob
Book The latest book about programming on top of the NetBeans Platform javydreamercsw, schkovich, medeag, paolosca,guan junming,lvping, Monezz, mcreps, mrpc, aldobrucale
Windbreaker NetBeans branded windbreaker schkovich, sunbiz, medeag, paolosca,guan junming, smokindoug,lvping, mcreps, neerajchauriya, ytn01, Selpi
Belt NetBeans branded leather belt
Cap NetBeans branded baseball cap xgathos, senthilsource
Sweater, pullover NetBeans branded woollen sweater lvping
Scarf NetBeans branded woollen scarf schkovich, ytn01
Wine set Wine bottle steel opener and chromed stopper
Solar charger Universal solar charger cezariusz, dds.dhawal, paolosca,guan junming,lvping,mcreps
USB flash drive NetBeans branded 4GB USB flash drive michal.owsiak, schkovich, sunbiz, medeag, paolosca, xgathos, mcreps, ytn01
Wallet NetBeans branded leather wallet tim_sa, Monezz
Plush mascot of netbeans or netCAT Netbeans needs one ! It will be nice if it wears netcat t-shirt medeag, paolosca, tim_sa, michal.owsiak, Monezz, ytn01, matthies
Water Bottle NetBeans branded plastic or metal water container, ideal for office or sports. [1] ytn01
Mug Netbeans branded cup for hot beverages. medeag, matthies
Watch Wrist watch with NetBeans branding. ytn01, medeag
Stickers Stickers with NetBeans or NetCAT artwork, for laptop, tablet or portable music player branding.
Umbrella NetBeans branded Umbrella.
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