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  • nbm-maven-plugin
    • examine m3 and see if the nb runtime vs. maven compile dependency problem could be eliminated.

From nbm-maven-plugin docs There are important differences between Maven's dependency mechanism and NetBeans runtime dependencies. Maven's dependencies are transitive, so at compile time you get not only direct dependencies you declared, but also dependencies of dependencies etc. In Netbeans, the module dependencies are non-transitive by nature, you have to explicitly declare all at runtime. Additionally next to module dependencies there are also library jars attached and shipped with the module's main artifact. In the Netbeans terminology there is a special sort of modules called "Library Wrappers". These library wrappers add the libraries on the module's classpath and allow other modules to depend on the libraries within the IDE's runtime.

    • webstart
      • not only generate jnlp files, but also have them versionable and provide servlet/webapp
      • re-signing of already signed binaries
    • OS platform dependent content??
    • annotations use in modules. how?
    • compiling against public packages only?
  • branding+ localization
    • customizer page as ant projects
    • support separate localization modules? (noone ever requested that though)
  • ui for selecting modules in the nbm application
  • generic : have means of figuring out that API A needs also addition of API B and C on module's CP.
  • Running application, speeding up edit&compile&debug cycle
    • Compile on save
    • jrebel
    • reload single module in running app.
  • Only show public packages in binary dependencies in the IDE's editor
  • documentation

Also see Jesse's Maven NBM comments (with inline comments from Miloš).

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