• need screenshots in metal and winlaf
  • done move method signature and jump button outside the tabs
  • disable the action editor when not using the application framework
  • put the ? button near the top
  • done change 'method name:' to 'method'
  • done add the '@Action' to the method signature line
  • add a checkbox to automatically do a mnemonic
  • indicate to the user that they can type in html. a '...' button with a new dialog perhaps?
  • hans:- Textfields don't use the 'text' Action property, which might be confusing since they do have a "text" property.  Might be worth exposing that somehow.
  • indicate that you can use HTML for the tooltips
  • hans: It would be nice if there was a tooltip preview.
  • hans: G - Jumping to the code is a nice feature.  Once you're in the code editor, is there a way to jump back to this dialog?  Should there be?
  • done left align the labels
  • make the icon chooser be a11y (what do we do?)
  • handle very large and small icons
  • done move the help button to be outside the tabbed pane
  • done make the create action dialog say 'Asynchronous' rather than 'is asynchronous'
  • done make the jump to code button be available on both tabs. maybe move method line outside the tab?
  • done add labels above the icon buttons
  • done group the blocking fields somehow
  • done move the async checkbox below the scope button to balance it out a bit
  • done josh rename 'Jump to Code' to 'View Source', like in the Auto-Comment tool.

new use cases:

  • copying a component with an action set - within the same form, between forms
  • when changing an action itself, make sure all components that use this action update correctly in the designer (currently each component has different Action instance set)
  • make sure undo/redo works
  • developer wants to turn a synchronous action into an asynchronous one

more notes

tomas: We should somehow promote the use of actions. (Have we discussed this?) People should not end up using ActionListener as so far. Besides having the action property and Set Action menu item in context menu, we might also use doubleclick for setting a new action (now used for in-place text editing). If you doubleclick a button (not assigned yet), it brings up the New Action dialog, then opens the action editor, and finally switches to code. Also, didn't we want a "Create Action" menu item available in the source editor?

I think we agreed on that editing a property on component (text, icon, ...) should override the settings from action. However, shouldn't at least the in-place editing in the designer change the action resource instead of setting the text property? The in-place editing is not so clearly related to the "text" property specifically, but rather to the visual appearance of the component. Or not? Have we decided this?

All the actions stuff should be disabled when the project is not Swing App Framework based. The problem is that property editor can't be used conditionally... Maybe just showing an empty panel with some message would be enough.

hans: I think the dialog would be useful if it brought up an HTML editor with a message across the top that explained that you were editing the tooltip and that HTML was supported. An obvious target to hover over, so that you could see a preview of the tooltip would be useful. As would an example or a message that explained that line breaks had to be introduced explicitly, with < br >

hans: Right now if you click on the icon button the new icon dialog will pop up. Yes it does! Unfortunately, you can't see the icons in the combo-box. You have to select one and then check the preview pane. I think it would be much nicer to show all of them. You could use some heuristics to decide if you wanted to show the icon directly, or scaled, or just a placeholder as you do know. I'd show a placeholder for image resources larger than some threshold because I know we don't have time to manage a thumbnail cache.

The fact that the icon is a button might be clearer if it behaved like one. Or if it was a combo box that showed the list of image resources and had a "..." button next to it.

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