Community contributors to APIsupport functionality in NetBeans IDE

This document is a list of community members interested in contributing to APIsupport functionality with features, fixes and testing.

List of contributors

Name New Features Bug Fixes Testing Features of interest
Sven Reimers x x x Suite Project (use binary modules for building your clusters), localization/branding in suite project, Suite project pre-configured for server side applications (non gui)
Tom Wheeler x x x Writing unit/functional tests of platform code, adding more API support templates, expanded documentation of underdocumented platform APIs, utilities for typical tasks (like upgrading existing library modules, additional branding, creating installer packages), add support for test types beyond just "unit" and "functional".
Antonio Vieiro x x x 6.2 - Fix Unused Deps, 2.3 - Modules/projects/clusters dependency visualization with graph path search. Would help with "How does module X get to my classpath?", etc. questions. Graphically similar to Maven dependencies. - 2.6 - Add module dependency (caching, code hint on unknown class, ...TODO IZ list)
Fabrizio Giudici x x x TBD )
Toni Epple x x x Make TabbedContainer replaceable with an implementation of Tabbed interface to make it possible to use any third-party Swing Look & Feel without the need of writing UI Delegates. This will require some minor changes in core.windows
Wade Chandler x x x For now, RAD enable the API support. Wizard wizards, full project wizards, more UI BeanInfo classes, ways to have Matisse work with the UI components more easily. Full project wizards should help user to tell NB they want to create a service, a command line application, a visual desktop application, etc, and it guide them and set this up and have other application wrappers etc. Maybe in the future this could support web and mobile, but for now to at least make it easier to create the different kinds of projects which can be made now with the platform which are not as simple as a desktop application is now. Maybe work in some other libraries for 3rd party applications etc and have some wrapping API support. Some other things along those lines...TBD.
Geertjan Wielenga x x x API support templates, starting with a template for creating new project types.
Anuradha Gunasekara x x x Inset code in layer file (Generate Action,Menu etc..), hints in layer file (like what we did in maven pom editor)
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