NetBeans 6.0 Beta1 Access Manager Support Engineering Plan

This is the beta1 engineering plan for Access Manager support in NetBeans 6.0.


The main requirements for beta1 are moving the identity modules out of the SOA cluster and decoupling NetBeans installer from the Access Manager runtime. The driving force behind this requirement is to allow Netbeans modules to be included in the Ubuntu distribution. The Identity feature depends on Access Manager which is a 3rd party license prohibiting that bundling in Ubuntu. Ideally these 3rd party dependent Netbeans module need to live in their own cluster so that the non-offending clusters can be pulled together.

Currently, the NetBeans installer is bundled with the Access Manager runtime to facilitate the configuration of the identity functionality which is installed with the SOA cluster. Therefore, it is necessary to move the identity modules out of SOA cluster where they do not belong in the first place, and also to decouple the NetBeans installer from the Access Manager runtime. Since the Identity functionality provides web services security, the current thinking is to make them available as part of the Web and Java EE pack. Users wanting to use the identity functionality will have to install the Access Manager bundled with the EE SDK.

High Level Specification

To implement this requirement, we will first move the identity modules out of the SOA cluster and into the identity cluster. The identity cluster will be installed along with the core web service functionality in the enterprise cluster. Futhermore, we will modify the identity modules to not depend on the configuration data set up by the NetBeans installer after installing the Access Manager runtime. Instead, we will dynamically discover the AM installation relative to the appserver installation. In addition, the identity functionality will only be enabled if a local AM intallation is found. Since we are treating the Access Manager as part of the appserver, it makes sense, as part of this work to move the Sun Java System Access Manager node in the Services tab under the appserver node similar to the JBI node.

Note: The reason the Access Manager node was not put under the appserver node is because we were anticipating the idenity functionality to be ported to other application servers such as WebLogic. However, we do not see this happen at all in the future. Therefore, it make sense for us to make this change now.

Detailed Design


QE Plan


Documentation Plan


Note: Since we are making some fundamental changes to the way identity functionality appear to the users, we will have to make some changes to our current documentation including online help, tutorial and articles.


After the completion of this work, we need to inform the installer team to remove the Access Manager runtime from the installer.


The plan is to complete the necessary code changes in two weeks from 6/27 to 7/11.

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