Detailed NetBeans 6.1 Milestone 2 / Beta schedule

Date Milestone Notes
Feb/25 M2/Beta Feature freeze Stabilization week started, 8am UTC
Feb/28 M2/Beta cut-off date - Opened P2s P2s reported after this date are not counted into Quality Criteria for M2/Beta
Feb/29 QE testing completed Appropriate QE managers should fill report before Feb/29 COB
Mar/3 release61-m2 clone created by BE, HR starts - rules Only Milestone stoppers would be fixed in this clone.
Mar/3 Beta branding integrated See the branding checklist
Mar/3 Build from the milestone clone is ready for testing The build should be available afternoon Prague time.
Mar/3 Bits are staged on internal staging site which is ready for review (both content and download page) Afternoon Prague time.
Mar/4 Sanity testing by QE Final Go/No Go
Mar/5 Release and announcement on nbusers
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