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Scott: One thing I think you're leaving out, is driving menu creation from the keyboard. I suspect you could use tab, and the arrow keys to quickly add a bunch of menus. Power users, like me, love this style of creation vs the drag-and-drop approach that requires a ton of interaction.

Hans: I agree (I think we've covered this idea before). I'd like to be able to enter menu items as easily as one can type new lines in a text editor with some shortcuts for creating separators and submenus. It seems like VS is pretty close to that. I'm not sure how essential it is to wedge this feature into the menu itself; wouldn't it be sufficient if design-time menus just included one "Edit..." entry that brought up a menu (hierarchy) editing dialog?

http://xdesign.sfbay/projects/java/j2se/7/tools/brainstorms/demos/demos-s1r4/demo-s1-editfile.html existing designs

We need a way to add separators and other menu item types like JRadioMenuItem.

Should setting the text of a menu item in the builder (visually, rather than through the property sheet), set the action text or the text property? tomas I think we already agreed that the specific property should override the action - since we don't implement the action variants (remember action1.text menu=... ?). Editing the text directly in the designer is a slightly different - perhaps in this case the action's text should be updated (there's no real evidence you edit the text property specifically; it is more like you care about the button's appearance which is driven by the action). Can you record it somewhere so we don't forget about it? should we have this behavior with buttons as well? and other components?

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