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====Where should the global action list go?====
====Where should the global action list go?====

Current revision as of 14:29, 6 November 2009

Where should the global action list go?

The big thing to still figure out is where should this screen go?

  • should we have the actions listed under each class in the project view
  • maybe the actions node should go under the project itself, next to libs and src and test
  • tomas: maybe a permanent view, like output and introspector
  • maybe a button on the design toolbar
  • hans: I will email josh with a list of reasons for this screen to exist. hopefully that will further narrow down where it should go and how it should be accessed.

The current leading idea, and the one that Josh agrees with, is to have a permanent view, like the output and inspector windows. It would be accessed via an item in the Window menu, a context menu on the project (and possibly classes), as well as a button in the design view toolbar.

Table view:

  • Add the bound component column to the mockup
  • make accel in it's own column. this lets it be sortable.
  • add a badge to indicate the number of icons if more than one
  • how do we show the bound components? a list of items in a single column field? or: make treetable under each action to show the component and to jump to it. maybe put rendering of the component under the action. alternative: put the list of bound components in the action property editor.
  • which fields should we search/filter by? just class for now? add a search field to search by all text fields on actions, make it an itunes like incremental search. the filter combo should have all classes with actions. might not scale. don't worry about for now. show actions which are background.
  • should the columns be editable or do you just jump to the standard Action Property Editor by double clicking. we may not have the context to be able to edit. no other reason to directly edit a property. tomas suggestion: use a hyperlink to jump to code.
  • when deleting an action, should the annotated method be deleted, commented out, or do nothing? comment out! unanimous
  • how do we select the right class when creating a new action? dropdown, textfield, or ... -> a class chooser. show a list of classes with actions and a more button to select any class. see a heirarchy tree of all classes to find and select. there must be one of these already in netbeans. maybe make the current or last edited form class be the default. tomas: look at the ... he will send me some. the icon editor? to start use a combobox of all action enabled classes with a ... button or combo item to see more.
  • how do we set the platform specific action properties? there's no way to do it at all right now? hold off until hans has a new proposal for plaf specific properties
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