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NetBeans 5.5 繁體中文

by Rebecca Liu


NetBeans Translator - James Yu

JavaWorld@TW Review and Testing Team
Active members: David Lin, Mike Lin...

Webdoc translator - Koji Lin

Mailing list:


Tasks and Schedule:

Tasks Owner Due Date Status Results
Translating UI files for nb5.5 James 1/8/2007 Done 1289 files in total(core IDE, EnterprisePack, UpdateCentor modules)
924 files for core IDE: .properties:749; .html:158; .url:16; .xml:1
Integration to CVS Masaki & Rebecca 1/9/2007 Done -
Translation of two web pages on nb.org Koji 1/14/2007 Done http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/55/install_zh_TW.html
First cycle of file-checking and bug-fixing James & Masaki 1/24/2007 Done -
Requesting dev build from RE Masaki - Done http://www.netbeans.info/downloads/dev.php
Recruiting more contributors Rebecca & James - Done http://www.javaworld.com.tw/jute/post/view?bid=10&id=179571&sty=1
Organizing and negotiating the team Rebecca - - Making progress.
Reviewing all core IDE files JavaWorld@TW team 2/1/2007 Done Review results
Updating the files and integration JavaWorld@TW team & Rebecca 2/4/2007 Done Files need updates
First cycle of testing JavaWorld@TW team & James 2/8/2007 Done Against build 200702050910
Collecting testing feedbacks and updating files David 2/10/2007 Done -
Final integration Masaki 2/11/2007 Done -
Add zh_TW download strings to the table James & Rebecca 2/11/2007 Done http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/FrequentlyUsedLocalizedStrings
Go/NoGo to the new build JavaWorld@TW team & James 2/13/2007 Done -
Pushing the bits to download tesing page nb RE 2/?/2007 - -
Download testing Masaki & James 2/?/2007 - -
Releasing NetBeans 5.5 繁體中文版 nb RE 2/?/2007 - -
Promoting NetBeans 5.5 繁體中文版 Team - - -
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