XML planning page for 6.5

This is the planning page for XML tools in Netbeans 6.5.

In 6.5 we'll continue what was left in 6.1 and add some interesting new features. As a result of 6.1, we're getting some new issues that must be addressed in 6.5. For 6.5, the goal is to stabilize the code-base, address issues required by other teams such as SOA and spring/hibernate support, fix bugs and add minimal support for JSON. Also, looking at the P3s, few things clearly lack in XML editor e.g code completion support, error highlighting, comment-uncomment etc., and we'll try to address whatever we can.

Based on new requirements and feedbacks from external users in various mailing lists, the goals have been outlined here:

  • Integrate new features, most importantly JSON support. See the following table.
  • Fix new issues as a result of adding new features in 6.1. See XMLforNB61.
  • Fix as many bugs as possible. See status.
  • Bring P3 down to 100-110.
  • Fix important performance/memory issues.

Optionally (good for Netbeans)

  • Fix Lexer for better error reporting.
  • Find a replacement for Tags in old syntax support
  • Rewrite XML Navigator. This will free a lot of memory.
  • Revisit DTD based CC. If possible, unify DTD and schema aware CC.
  • Continue lexer migration. See the status and One Pager for details.
Task/Feature Issue # Related Page (if any) Target Milestone Status
Umbrella Issue 122437 None N/A N/A
JSON Support(umbrella) 134427 One Pager 6.5 Fold, Navigator available
XML formatting usability issues 137768 N/A 6.5 On.
Code completion usability issues 138486 N/A 6.5 On.
Schema aware code completion fixes 122444 N/A M1 Done.
Resolve reference 134861, 122836 None M1 Done.
Transaction event change 134153 None TBD N/A
ModelSource change 134585 None TBD N/A

Optional Tasks

Task/Feature Issue # Related Page (if any) Target Milestone Status
Fix lexer for proper error recovery 135444 None 6.5 N/A
Find a replacement for Tags in old syntax support TBD None TBD N/A
Rewrite XML Navigator 126968 None 6.5
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