XML planning page for 6.1

This is the planning page for XML tools in Netbeans 6.1. The goal is to improve various functionalities in XML. We'll resume working on the unfinished jobs in 6.0. In summary, here is a list of 6.1 goals:

  • Start lexer migration. See the One Pager for details.
  • Performance in working with bigger XML and schema files. Here is a list of performance issues in XML, however, for 6.1, not all of these are important.
  • Integrate few features. See the following table.
  • Fix as many bugs as possible.
Task/Feature Issue # Related Page (if any) Target Milestone Status
6.1 and future Umbrella 122437 None N/A N/A
Lexer migration (umbrella) 122438 One Pager 6.1 On
Lexer migration for xml/xdm 124589 None M1 Done
Cleanup xml/core 124539 None M1 Done
Schema aware code completion enhancements 122444 N/A M1 1 remains. To be completed in M2.
Sample XML generation from Schema 91453 One Pager M1 Done
Lexer migraion for XML fold (Rewrite XML Fold) 125055 None M2 Done
Lexer migraion for XML Indentation/Formatting 127319 None M2 Done
Global catalog 124208 6.1 M2 Will not be done for 6.1
XML Instance wizard enhancements 122439 One Pager M2 Done.
Fetch external WSDL/Schema 94499 None M2 Done
Missing DTD node actions 90174 N/A M2 Done
Schema generation from Instance 122445 One Pager M2
Rewrite XML Navigator 126968 None TBD Will not be done for 6.1
Lexer migration for XML sntax coloring 124591 None TBD Will not be done for 6.1

Important Performance Issues in XML

Issue # Priority Summary Status
116806 P3** opening schema takes too long time FIXED
128585 P2** Time to switch to Schema View in Navigator exceeds 100 ms FIXED
128596 P2** Time to switch between xsd files while Navigator is in Schema View mode exceeds 100 ms FIXED
126042 P3** Apply Design Pattern wizard takes a long time to appear for larger schemas FIXED
98405 P2** Memory leak in opening/closing schema FIXED
95331 P3** Delete large number of complex types slow. INVALID
123549 P3 Failure to validate large XML file INVAID
107925 P3 Extra layer for action merging
112398 P3 Two MIME resolvers for text/x-css INVALID
114927 P3 Terrible performance editting an ant script
110701 P3 XML navigator retains memory FIXED

(**) The issues can be automated by the performance team.

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