xDesign involvement in 7.0

Interaction design

  • 132291 Mac OS X L&F (Ondra)
  • 123467 Improve keymap options panel (Ondra)
  • Shorten and update appearance of New Project, New File wizard and other wizards (Jano)
  • Fixing layout of dialogs (Jano)

Visual design

  • 7.0 branding (Leos)

Usability studies

  •  ???

User interviews

  •  ???

Other features on xDesign radar

Core team plan (Tonda Nebuzelsky):

  • 123343 Global back/forward navigation
  • 123344 Common status line
  • 123430 Merge "from Scratch" and "with Existing Sources" project wizards
  • 123464 Improve UI for resolving broken references
  • 123429 Merge various Output and Result windows
  • 132291 Fix appearance of NetBeans on Mac OS X look and feel

Shorten and update appearance of New Project, New File and other wizards
  • QuickSearch - add searching through projects, files, etc.
  • Nimbus - continue fixing the remaining issues
  • 140540 Description of main menu actions is the status line
  • Address too many categories in Options | Miscellaneous
  • Add Hints into Taks list

  • Merge various Go To actions (Files, Types, Spring Beans), (Symbol, Function, Variable), (Test, Rails Action, View, Grails Controller, View) to reduce menu clutter and shortcut clutter
  • Merge Select actions (Select in Project, Files, Favorites, Classes)

  • Replace the combo box in Navigator by toggle buttons
  • Merge Favorites window into Files window
  • Merge "Open Recent Project" and "Open Recent File" into a single menu
  • Add icons to "well-known" places into the folder chooser on Win XP (Open Project, etc.)
  • Replace "" marks by parentheses () in Main menu (compile action, debugger actions, profiler)
  • Show Ctrl-Tab shortcut next to "Go to Previous Document"
  • Add branding into the "Usage Statistics" dialog

  • Make the Tools menu static (move some items into Source menu, other items into Options)
  • Introduce Services menu (questionable)
  • Kill the Tools menu altogether (highly questionable; move dynamic items into other menus, move "managers" into Options)
  • Hide Files window by default

Editor team plan (Jan Becicka):

  • 103219 Import/Export Formatting Settings
  • 123467 Improve keymap options panel

  • Integrate (Javadoc) Analyzer into Task list
  • Reduce the clutter in editor gutter
  • Eliminate the "cycling" icon in editor gutter

  • Instant, non-intrusive, smaller code completion

  • Hide the editor toolbar by default
  • Point to JDK Javadoc on the web by default if Javadoc isn't provided by the user
  • Rename "Members View" to "Members" in Navigator

Web and Java EE team plan (Petr Jiricka):

  • Disable "Resynchronize Eclipse Projects" if no Eclipse imported project is open

PHP team:

  • Move PHP options into Miscellaneous category

C/C++ team:

  • Move C/C++ options into Editor and Miscellaneous category
  • Make the menu item for Hierarchy window enabled even if no hierarchy is shown

LCT team (Tomas Pavek):

  • Merge Inspector and Navigator
  • Move Diff actions from Tools menu into Versioning

Web services team:

  • Move Web Service Client Resources into the Insert Code menu
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