Selection of UI enhancements in Core for 6.7

Window System

  • per-component window system customizations - make NB Platform WinSys configurable (umbrella),

  • add a method to find out the sliding status of a topcomponent,

  • Special sliding mode title API request,

  • Complete removal of menubar (and toolbar),

  • 3rd party L&F support in platform related,,

  • better visualization of window drop feedback,

  • full screen support for undocked windows,

  • ability to slide out a whole group of windows (mode),

  • DND of window groups (modes),

  • System properties not documented in arch document for core/swing/plaf,

  • Configurable fullscreen mode,

  • window layout persitence, perspectives etc...
  • show tooltip when window name truncated,

  • control overall background color of IDE,

  • API for multiview to get access to enclosing top component,

  • clone document to new mode to support simultaneous viewing of different parts of one document,

  • Esc key should focus editor,

  • IDE should allow user settable colors/fonts for IDE overall,

  • save size and position of help window,


  • toolbar customizer l&f on mac osx,

  • rewrite layout management and drag and drop handling,

  • show name of an empty toolbar,

  • l&f on windows vista,

  • allow empty toolbars,

  • toolbar customizer doesn't display shortcuts to Ant targets,

Task List

  • the result of scanning should be cached,

  • tasklist scans the whole project directory,

  • highlight TODO patterns in editor,

  • toolbar hiding,

  • Button for currently edited package in task list,

  • select any combination of folders and files for task list,

  • Task list at least should show full error text,


  • Need ability to define sorting for the first column,

  • Allow to specify sorting of nodes in SortedNodeTreeModel,

  • show a message when outlineview is empty,

  • hide columns of OutlineView at start up,

  • publish javadoc,

  • Delegate doubleclicks from property columns (maybe already implemented),

  • number-columns aren't right-aligned,

  • TTV uses the display name of the root node as the title for the first column,

  • TTV "List Options" should perhaps be renamed,

  • auto-resize columns,

  • auto-resize the tree column,

  • TTV Provide method TTV.getProperties,


  • Need enhancement to Palette API so that multiple thrid party modules can add palette categories and items, rewrite palette model for better integration of e.g. code clips from different providers

  • make 'add to palette' context sensitive,

  • Repository browser for palette items,
  • component properties in palette manager, edit component,

  • Palette doesn't scroll to show the newly created category on the 1st invocation,

  • Tooltips for Categories (maybe already fixed),

  • add a parameter to item's class name,

  • Support for associating PaletteController with TopComponent,

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