Press Release

For release in January, 2012

The community working on NetBeans project is proud to announce the availability of new, improved and most flexible version of its window system - the docking framework behind the IDEs, as well as many other NetBeans Platform based applications. By joining forces of the teams working on the design of two large IDEs, we managed to marry the expertise, excellence and creativity of human interface designers, artists, look & feel experts, developers and architects to form a window system ready for the 21st century.

The motto of the window system enhancements for the 7.1 release was flexibility. Flexibility for end users, flexibility for developers building their applications on top of NetBeans Platform, flexibility for look and feel designers willing to apply their skins to NetBeans based applications.

With great delight we offer users of NetBeans IDE 7.1 ability to manipulate groups of components with a simplified gestures. The users can minimize, restore, dock and undock all components occupying the same space with a single gesture. Users can reposition location of such components with a single drag and drop. These enhancements give more power to the hands of users of all NetBeans based applications allowing them more effectively achieve the desired layout of their components. Flexibility yields better productivity!

Numerous developers wished increased flexibility of commonly used NetBeans APIs: registry of modified objects and support for multiview components. It is perfect that we could use the 7.1's timeframe to bring flexibility to these areas as well. Modified objects no longer have to be backed by a physical file on disk, any object can be registered into the system as modified. The multiview API has been enhanced to support loosely coupled registration, allowing different modules to easily donate additional views for objects of certain mime type.

Flexibility was a mantra for improving the branding and customization experience as well. Better support of various look and feel allows skinnable NetBeans Platform based applications (like Firefox personas). Various branding options are here to customize layout of tabs, positions and presence of various system rendered handles and ultimately provide tools to control and enhance layout of whole component area.

NetBeans Window System has never been so flexible. Feel better while using it!


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