Set up the basic set of pages, especially the home page. Tell the world up front that this is new site, and welcome contributions. Modify WikiEtiquette to fit our community

Write a front page in such a way that it requires low maintenance. No news section please. Wiki users know how to use RecentChanges and RSS feed and NotificationList

Tell them if they write they should subscribe to nbwiki (at) Jack has created this mailing list. We should use it ourselves and learn from each other

Ideas on how improve the site, RFEs should be discussed on nbwiki mailing list and collected at WikiSuggestions. Obvious suggestions can be just added to the page without discussion

Jack is going to create a closed alias wikiadmin (at)

Footer text: copyright, admin contact (can be done only by Trung, but would like someone else to prepare the text)

Email notifications: see NotificationList. Document it for newcomers

Need a few wiki admins, they get admin rights:

  • the right to delete pages. Normal users can create/modify/rename but not delete. It's too dangerous. To delete pages they have to place the request, see DELETEME
  • front page and a few key pages must be locked against write. Only admins can modify them
  • how to lock down a page, click on Edit on Main (only admin can do it)
  • how to add ppl to admin group:

Convert FAQ pages at wiki. Delete everything there. Tell them to go to the new site

Script to convert twiki pages to jspwiki:

  • Start with an index page (or the whole TWiki index page if you want to convert everything)
  • Grab it (perl, curl, wget)
  • Parse for certain url patterns
  • Modify the URL of the page you want to convert so that it becomes "Edit the page"
  • Grab it, parse to get the raw text
  • Convert the raw text from twiki formatting to jspwiki formatting, doesn't need to be perfect
  • Add something like [[[CategoryNeedProofRead | [CategoryNeedProofRead]] at the end
  • Dump the new text to a file
  • twiki uses cookie for login. Trick: login in firefox, steal the cookie file, suply it to wget/curl (ask Jesse for how)

For our other twikis which we have shell access we can skip the html scraping

Create, empty project with wiki/www/index.html with client site redirect

Random stuff, don't read

Interesting plugins

Reading list


  • [[[SomePageAbc | [SomePageAbc]] - [[[SomePageDiscussion | [SomePageDiscussion]]
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