My NetBeans Wiki Gripes

This page lists all the things I think are wrong with

  • There is absolutely no linkage between and Try to navigate from the wiki to the site. You can't. The site should have the standard NetBeans header and footer, which the Community tab fronted.
  • The site looks unprofessional and looks too different from It should reuse the header and footer as well as the styles and color schemes of
  • The page title is always something like "NetBeans Wiki: DevFaqExternalLibrariesUpdated", as is the H1 title of the page. This is wrong, it really hurts us in Google search optimization. Usually there is a real title of a page, it's the first heading on the page. For example, shows up just as Development in Google. Developing what? Whereas the actual title of the page, NetBeans Release Planning, is actually descriptive and helpful.
  • "Your Trail" is distracting and gets ridiculously long if you click around a bit in the wiki.
  • The front page is useless and links to useless topics.
  • The FAQs aren't searchable. Somebody might think they're searching the FAQs by using the Search box but they're really searching the whole wiki.
  • Everything is on the first directory level, meaning all URLs are"myPageName". This makes it impossible to organize content using URLs. It would be nice to use Google Custom Search to search all FAQs or search all user docs. This would be possible if we had something like or, but right now we can't.
  • Note: if we change URLs for existing pages, links will break (the pages are linked from various places, e.g. Issuezilla)

Chris' Wiki Gripes

  • Doesn't enable users to add comments to pages, as other wikis do
  • Doesn't email notifications to people who put pages on watch lists (what a great way to drive traffic), as other wikis do
  • Doesn't provide a way to lock pages so that only certain people can view the page. Would be good to have while pages are in development
  • Hard to make attractive inviting pages


  • No apparent way to delete obsolete attachments.
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