Reorganization of web tier modules

This document describes how netbeans.org modules in the web tier/Java EE will be reorganized so they make more sense. First, it is important to realize what specifically is a "module" on the Kenai-based netbeans.org. A module:

  • Represents one bug category in the netbeans.org bugzilla. Has an associated mailing list about issue changes. A category has subcategories (one level).
  • Has one mailing list for notifications about hg changes. The mapping of hg modules to netbeans.org modules is manually maintained by RE (link pending).
  • Has some more mailing lists such as "announce" or "dev" - will we use them or not?
  • Has its set of members - but what does it mean to be a "member" of a module?
  • Has its own wiki - but would we want to have a per-module wiki? Isn't the top level netbeans.org wiki enough?
  • Has its own website with a download area - but would we want to publish anything there?

Here is the proposed reorganization of netbeans.org issue categories to the new structure:

Current module Future
applet remove it, or change to 'java/applet'
extbrowser change to 'ide/extbrowser'
httpserver change to 'ide/internalserver'
j2ee rename to 'javaee'
j2eeserver change to 'serverplugins/infrastructure'
schema2beans change to 'ide/schema2beans'
serverplugins no change
tomcatint change to 'serverplugins/tomcat'
web merge into 'javaee'
css new category, issues from web/css will be moved there later
jsp new category, JSP-related issues from web will be moved there later
xml/multiview change to 'ide/xmlmultiview'
websvc rename to 'webservices'
identity no change
html no change
javascript no change
languages/yaml no change
ruby no change
groovy no change
php no change
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