SOAP based Web Services

Defining Features and Status

  • WS API for J2EEServer to replace current WS related features in J2EEServer API
  • Resources: Rico and Milan
  • Status: Finished API design, implementation will be completed 6/06/08 (Available for testing in Milestone 1)
  • "Tiny" API/SPI that provides basic web service information in the project
  • Resources: Rico and Milan
  • Status: Currently designing API. Design and implementation projected to be completed by 07/03/08
  • PHP Web Services (Click the link for more details) PHP consumption of SOAP web services via the web service manager(P1)
  • Resource : Rico
  • Status: Will be developed together with PHP support for REST via the web service manager. Will be completed by 07/13/08
  • Implement new wsimport features (P1)
  • Update to the latest Metro jars
  • Minor change in UI for specifying wsimport options
  • Resource: Rico
  • Status: Will be completed 06/06/08

Bug Fixing

  • As of 06/02/08, there are about 80 P3's. Our goal is to bring this count to 50 by 06/25/08. P1s and P2s look manageable and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Review of APIs will be held in parallel with the API implementation. Any corrections or changes will be treated as bugs.

Nice to Have Features

  • Web Service Designer
  • WSDL preview tab (P2)
  • JCAPS Requirements
  • Client support in BPEL project (P3)
  • Access to Systinet web service repository (P3)
  • RFEs
  • Simplified client creation (P3)
  • Use J2EE Server API for Axis deployment (P3)
  • Configure Axis in project customizer (P2)
  • Customization support when there are WSDL or XML Schema conflicts or problems (P3)
  • Metro RFEs (P3) -- The Metro development group has been reorganized and it is not clear if the RFEs will be implemented in time for NB 6.5. As such, the priority of this is changed to P3.
  • Replace usage of internal Metro APIs with public APIs from Metro group
  • WSDL to Java
  • Java to WSDL

RESTful Web Services

  • Enhancements to the CRUD generator (P1)
  • Query Support - allow specifying a query in the URL to constraint the resulting data returned.
  • Support for auto-generated primary key - a very common use-case which we currently don't support.
  • Caching support - allow a client such as the web browser to query the service to determine if it needs to refetch the data. We will use the pre-condition feature in the jsr-311 api to do this.
  • Revisit generated PersistenceService - improve our generated PersistenceService to make it adapt to different environment and be able to support JTA. In addition, we also need to figure out how to make it a managed service so we can take advantage of code injection for EntityManager and UserTransaction.
  • Development of RESTful services directly from DB (P3)
  • Add Spring support and adapt the CRUD generator to support Spring (P2)
  • Note that this will be a step-stone for support EE6 since the generated code will mostly like work as-is in the EE6 environment.
  • Jersey has support for integrating with the Spring framework and it will be improved for the 0.8 release. We should take advantage of this Jersey feature to extend our RESTful web services support to support Spring. (
  • RESTful services in the J2SE project (P3)
  • Support HTTP lightweight server in the jdk for deployment
  • RESTful Web Service Visual Designer (P3)
  • Implement a visual designer for build RESTful web services similar to the one for build SOAP-based services.

SaaS Support

  • Support for PHP (P1)
  • Switch to using Jersey's client API (P2)
  • This will save us from having to generate the low-level plumbing code
  • Add support for YouTube (P2)
  • We disabled YouTube support because the ol* API was retired. We need to support the new API.
  • Add support for additional SaaS services (P3)
  • TBD
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