Web Services Core


Planning overview

Project Pages

QE Plan

Regular testing

Sanity check existing functionality

Milestone testing

Full test of new features and recent fixes in the milestone builds according to the general NB Milestones schedule on Supported Platforms, sanity check of unmodified functionality according to test specifications


  • Full test of features provided by the team on all supported platforms, each platform takes 1 week
  • A11Y testing - starts after Beta 1 release date, lasts 3 days. Verification of the fixes will be done by entering HR mode (5weeks after Beta1)
  • regular testing of fixes, sanity checking untouched functionality

RC n

  • Verification on sanity/acceptance OS


Test Specifications

[[{InsertPagePage=TS_WebServicesSection=2} | {InsertPage page='TS_WebServices' section=2}]]

Automated tests

QA Functional tests which are run and evaluated on a daily basis and check basic functionality provided by the team

Docs Plan

Tutorials for NB 6.0

Useful Documents

Working with WS Metadata
JAX-RPC Refactoring


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