Web Services consumption meeting, Aug 27, 2013

Attendees: Milan, David, Petr J

  • Use case 1: URL as a starting point, no extra information about the service
  • Cache service metadata locally. Could it be eventually shared among users?
  • UI to register in Web Services node - does not need to be explicit, could be implicitly done by the IDE as a byproduct of the REST client generation task
  • Synchronization of code with metadata after initial code generation is a non-goal
  • Would be nice to be able to edit metadata after it's cached
  • Knockout has a mapping plugin that could be useful?
  • Framework for binding (Knockout, Angular) may be different from the framework for REST call (jQuery, Angular)
  • Bundled web service metadata under Web Services node - what information to store?
  • Use case 2: Calling a web service that has existing metadata (adheres to Oracle REST standard, or provides JSON schema)
  • Jersey will likely in the future generate JSON schema for all services. JSON Binding standard (JSR) being developed by Blaise Doughan (EclipseLink team)
  • When we reimplement the Web Service node to drop WADL metadata, Java REST client generation will stop working - that's ok, acceptable regression
  • Should split Web Services node to SOAP Services and REST Services (Resources)
  • Kill WADL for REST, replace with our own metadata (possibly JSON schema directly)
  • Current REST Client wizard that generates Backbone code should stay intact - create a new wizard next to it
  • Main task should be REST Client generation for Knockout
  • Could we just implement this wizard and postpone the new REST services node to later, to save time?
  • Cache response from REST call to enable offline development?
  • Sometimes query params are very important - but the ability to specify the URL is sufficient for this use case
  • Need a way to specify API key - must have requirement
  • Create a new module for the new wizard, that can be easily added/removed from the build e.g. web.client.rest2 (web.client.rest is already taken, though we may want to renamed that to web.client.backbone to free up the web.client.rest name)
  • Should explore the Postman REST Client plugin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/postman-rest-client/fdmmgilgnpjigdojojpjoooidkmcomcm?hl=en
  • Should explore the REST testing UI in WebStorm
  • Should we also generate UI code that displays the result? That should be optional.


  • Milan will work on the REST client wizard that generates Knockout code
  • Initially focus on the case with no additional metadata, just URL is the input
  • Ability to use API key is a requirement
  • Change Web Services node to just SOAP services for 8.0, REST Services node will be added if it's done in time
  • REST services node UI to be added next, REST client wizard code should be prepared for it
  • Separate module for now, could be added to 8.0 release if it's ready
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