Improved Web Project Import and Freeform UI Specification

Developers often use different source structures for their projects and the goal is to allow them to open and develop their projects in NetBeans. From the user feedback the most important thing is to allow to specify the location of deployment descriptor file. In NetBeans 5.5 a sooner releases it was expected that web.xml was placed in WEB-INF folder under Web Pages. For NetBeans 6.0 the user should be able to specify this location in both Web Application with Existing Sources and Web Application with Existing Ant Script wizards.

The UI change is simple. There is new text field and browse button for the folder representing WEB-INF content in both wizards. Wizards try to guess the correct location and in most cases it should be automatically pre-set.

  • Web Application with Existing Sources wizard


  • Web Application with Existing Ant Script wizard


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