Features and tasks for Netbeans 7.0

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Javascript and JSON

Priority Task Description
P2 The most important task is to split JSON support from JavaScript editor. Currently the JSON language support extends JavaScript language. This approach stopped to work in NetBeans 6.7, when new CSL infrastructure was used. The main problem is that JSON data object has different mimetype than the language support and the CSL works only if these mimetypes are the same. Basicaly all main editor features stopped to work in JSON editor.
P2 Introduce back all basic editor features to JSON editor.
P3 Evaluate new versions of Rhino (version 1.7R2 is now available) and use it instead the old one (version 1.6R7)
P3 Extend AST and improve code completion, that will offer more accurate items. Mainly improve type referencing and distinquish between variable and function.
P3 Improve and finish support of jQuery in the editor. Also provide more stable implementation for other libraries.
P3 Fix problems and bugs in JavaScript editor and refactoring

X/HTML and CSS Editing Improvements

Below is a list of possible enhancements and features for HTML and CSS editors. Items marked in bold font are the highly required ones.


Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P1 Support for more HTML versions X/HTML 5 support - requires integration of a new html5 parser, the infrastructure tightly bound to the SGML based model needs to be extended, features tweaked. 123545
P2 HTML refactoring Move file refactoring, drag and drop refactoring 123545
P3 Safe delete Safe delete of html files 145714
P3 JTidy support 123986
P3 Bind external CSS stylesheet Allow to simply bind an external stypesheet to html page. 150828
P3 More HTML completion Code completion for all possibly completable attributes, DOCTYPE elements etc. 178234
P3 Wrap with tag hint If user selects an html code, a hint "wrap with tag" appears. The hint then creates two synchronized fields - before and after the text, where user types the tag name.
P3 Tags instant rename User can instantly rename tag pairs. Both open and end tags are renames at once.
P3 Missing class/id error check + hintfix If a class or id used in an html page is undefined in any of the bound stylesheets, then a warning is displayed for such tag with a hintfix "Generate missing class/id". The fix will add new class/id into the associated stylesheet, in case there are more user can choose (including generating <style>...</style> section inside the html itself. There might be an option which specify the behavior.
P3 Default editor code folds selection hint


Priority Feature Description Issues Time estimate Milestone State
P1 Support for CSS versions/browsers Better support for CSS3 modules and proprietary syntaxes (MS IE) 140603, 121117
P3 Css navigator views Plain/Selectors/Classes/Ids views There isn't a CSL api for that
P3 Filtering and sorting of css navigator There isn't a CSL api for that
P3 Semantic highlighting in CSS Highlights unused elements, Overridden elements etc.
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