CSS Refactoring / Find Usages Support

Rename refactoring is now available for css code. It works not only in css files, but in all files embedding css code (html, jsp, php ...).

CSS type elements, class and id selectors can be refactored either with respect to the relations between files or (if the relations are defined by some framework or higher level templating language) in all project files. You can specify this in the rename/where used dialogs refactoring dialogs.

Such unrelated occurances are visibly marked in the refactoring preview/find occurances windows.

You can also find usages of css files itself when invoking the Find Usages action on file node in the explorer.

Css Code completion

The css code completion now allows to complete id or class selector which are used in current or any of the imported files. It works in common css code or inside html's class or id attributes.

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