WebFrameworks Deliverables for NetBeans 6.1

Task ID Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Notes
1 Existing bugs for NB6.1 P1 jayashri - QC: Maximum of 45 Open P3s
2 (New Feature) Support for Spring Framework P2 Andrei/John/Rohan 123600
3 (New Feature) Support for Hibernate Framework P2 Dongmei/Gowri/Vadiraj 123601 Distribution planned via beta UC
4 Migrate JSF CRUD App Generator to Retouche P2 Matt 123602

WebFrameworks Deliverables for NetBeans 6.5

Task Id Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Milestone/Notes
1 Existing bugs for NB6.5 P1 jayashri N/A QC: Maximum of 40 Open P3s
2 Spring Framework Features P2 Rohan/Andrei [1]
3 Hibernate Framework features P2 Vadiraj/Gowri/Dongmei [2] Distribution planned via Stable UC
4 JSF CRUD Generator enhancements P2 Matt See below See JsfCrudGenerator65
4.1 Generate default stylesheets P2 Matt 134201 6.5 M1 - See JsfCrudGenerator65
4.2 Provide option to generate Ajax-enabled application P2 Matt 134207 See JsfCrudGenerator65
4.3 Improve ease of customization P2 Matt 133992 See JsfCrudGenerator65
5 JSF framework enhancements P2 Po-Ting See below
5.1 Facelets support P2 Po-Ting 72556 6.5 M1 - workspace is under Support for Facelets in NetBeans IDE via Beta UC
5.2 Improvements to code completion P2 Po-Ting 117877 6.5 M1 - faces-config and other areas
See JSF Editor Support
5.3 Provide hyperlinking support P2 Po-Ting 135249 6.5 M1 - Ability to navigate from faces-config.xml to JavaClass
See JSF Editor Support
5.4 Improvements to refactoring P2 Po-Ting 135254 6.5 M1 - faces-config and other areas
See JSF Editor Support
5.5 Find Usages Improvements P2 Po-Ting 133986 6.5 M1 - faces-config and other areas
See JSF Editor Support
6 JPA Improvements (mainly on db schema -> entity generation) P2 Dongmei See bugs listed in Notes column Specifically 76357(FIXED),86104(FIXED),88490(FIXED),74547(FIXED), 98163(FIXED),97739(future),111519(FIXED),129869(FIXED)
6.1 Support for Eclipse Link P2 Dongmei 132121 M2 (Verified that the JPA works with EclipsLink in J2SE projects and Web Project with GlassFish V3
6.2 Code completion for table/column name inside code editor P3 Dongmei Need to evaluate the effort involved
6.3 Automatically add Hibernate library if Hibernate is selected as Provider P3 Dongmei 124789 M1
6.4 Add more mapping options in the wizard P3 Dongmei 81020, 77343, 90827, 129869, 127234, 111519, 81207 M1
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