NetBeans 8.1 Bug Waiver Process

  • Bugzilla Keywords for NetBeans 8.1
  • 8.1_WAIVER_REQUEST - when asking for waiver (issues)
  • 8.1_WAIVER_APPROVED - when waiver was approved by QE team (issues)


High-priority bugs are subject to the release quality criteria. All exceptions must be waived by this process.


An engineer responsible for the waived bug is supposed to request a waiver :

  1. Add appropriate justification for the waiver in the issue comment in Bugzilla
  2. Mark the issue with the 8.1_WAIVER_REQUEST keyword
  3. Wait for explicit approval from NetBeans QE team who will approve the waiver by changing the keyword to 8.1_WAIVER_APPROVED.
  • If there are questions/objections, answer/resolve them as appropriate
  1. Work with Docs on documenting the waived bug in the release notes (if appropriate)
  2. If scheduling is an issue to address issue in current release, it should be addressed in a Patch. If so, mark the issue with status-whiteboard 81patch-candidate value.


Waiver will be not approved for issue that was already waived in 3 previous releases.

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