WSIT NetBeans 6.0 Integration


  • Our competition provides the ability to deal with advanced WS features - security, reliability as part of regular user workflow. These features are easy to find, easy to use and directly accessible, whereas our current plugging model does not allow us to achieve such tight integration in an effective resource manner. We propose to have support for service policies as direct part of other features we promote to deal with creation and lifecycle maintenance of the service itself. For that, closer coexistence is a requirement.
  • We are working to come up with a visual editor to deal with the from-java from-wsdl usecases for building JAXWS services and we want the service policy support (security, reliability etc) simplified to fit into this unified model.
  • Today security is very much needed by NB users. For exmaples we have had requests from VWP users wanting to use this feature and they have to now use the enterprise pack to get these features and then both packs are not well tested and hence some works/some doesnt etc.. having it as a core support will make sure all consumers are aware of this feature and can appropriately tool for it. It becomes easy for other packs to have dependency on these modules if it is in the core platform.

Basic Information, Current state

  • modules: 2
  • org.netbeans.modules.websvc.wsitconf - WSIT Configuration UI
  • org.netbeans.modules.websvc.wsitmodelext - WSDL model extensions module
  • download size: <450KB
  • standalone download from Update Center Beta, integrated in Gavotte Enterprise Pack

Where should it go

  • Enterprise cluster


  • no 3rd party jars, ...
  • compiletime dependency - ide, enterprise clusters
  • runtime dependency - WSIT runtime - part of GF v2, AppServer 9.1, next version of JavaEESDK and also available standalone
  • Tomcat - not 'supported', but should work and we shouldn try to avoid breaking it (same approach as runtime)

We want to follow the same as WSIT runtime does: we don't 'support' Tomcat, but we try to avoid breaking it.


  • Ready to integrate immediately (M9) - retouche migrated.
  • OK with FF of April 18th


  • Already provided by WSIT team: Tom Amiro (
  • Testing standalone (plugins + NB) and as part of Gavotte


  • none required, no impact

Risks, impacts

  • no known


  • Friend api/spi - 2 friends (casa editor, acessmanager ui module)
  • provides WSIT security setting status for Access Manager NB module
  • gives ability to Aceess Manager NB module to provide AM security setting to WSIT
  • for CASA editor provides WSIT service configuration panel (currently disabled code)
  • for JCaps - provides ability to add additional WS security profiles (currently not used from outside, only internally)
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