WSIT Integration into Gavotte Engineering Plan

Functional spec

WSIT modules provide a basic configuration UI that allow configuration of specific WSIT web service features on top of existing JavaEE web services. The output from UI configuration is stored mostly in WSIT configuration files and/or direct WSDL files needed to be stored in an application directories and deployed to server together with application. Description of these configuration files is best described here:*checkout*/wsit/wsit/docs/howto/WSIT_Enabled_Example.html#WSIT_Configuration
As such, WSIT modules support Tomcat and Glassfish as target servers, with Glassfish being the top priority.
As of current plan, the same WSIT configuration UI is planned to be reused in JBI environment.
WSIT modules must not depend on any apis outside of basic Netbeans IDE, because the plan is to release WSIT modules on Update center for Netbeans 5.5 (TBD), and Netbeans 5.5.1 altogether with inclusion in Enterprise pack download for 5.5.1. The separate UC release aims Tomcat-based user base which does not require Enterprise pack features tight with Glassfish, but requires small install and simplicity. Other option is inclusion of WSIT modules directly in Netbeans 5.5.1 base IDE, which would cover both scenarios. However, based on release 5.5.1 definition, this may not be possible.

Architecture, APIs, SPIs, ...

WSIT NB integration is divided into these modules:
  • org.netbeans.modules.websvc.wsitmodelext
  • contains WSDL Model extensibility elements for all WSIT specific policy elements
  • provides friend api to access all extensibility elements from AM, JCAPS
  • provides friend api to access higher level utility methods for working on top of policy definitions

  • org.netbeans.modules.websvc.wsitconf
  • contains WSIT Configuration UI, all WSIT security profiles definitions
  • is plugged into NB through WSEditor spi as a panel in WS/WSClient attributes dialog
  • provides friend spi for adding additional security profile definitions to the list of default wsit profiles (used by JCAPS)

UI Spec


  • WSIT side: WSIT in JavaEE projects, NB 5.5, NB 5.5.1 (owner: Tom Amiro)
  • Spi/api used by JCAPS folks, usage scenarios by JCAPS folks (owner: JCAPS team)
  • WSIT recognizing AM security and vice versa (owner: Identity QE)


TBD (Debbie Carson, Eric Jendrock, Geertjan Wielenga, Bob May)
  • Gavotte Specific documentation
  • none
  • Other documentation




8 - 12.12.2006 Merge of WSIT modules into release551 branch, integration into Build3 of Gavotte
16.12.2006 AM/WSIT coexistence code implemented (detection of AM security config)

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