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See IZ 96813 for the bug description and dependent issues

How to make the attribute and node documentation internationalized in wsdl editor:

  1. Find the bundle that is referred in the layer.xml, used to localize the menu items.
  2. In the schema documentation, create a unique key (for the, type in place of the documentation
  • <xsd:documentation>DESC_Element_pollingInterval</xsd:documentation>
  1. Add the documentation in
  • DESC_Element_pollingInterval=pollingInterval defines the intervals at which the file should be polled for.

Example for attribute:

	<xs:attribute name="pollingInterval" type="xs:long" use="optional">

Example for element:

        <xs:element name="message" type="file:tFileMessage">

The wsdl editor will try to look for the content of the documentation in the bundle defined in the layer.xml, if not found, will set the description as the content of documentation. This helps for backward compatibility.

How to make GroupedProperty localized:

For elements with property customizers with GroupedProperty : Keys should be LBL_${displayName} and DESC_${displayName), so that localized name and description can be shown in wsdl editor

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