Version: 1.1
Author: MilanKuchtiak


NetBeans support for Web Services in Netbeans 6.9

REST Services

Priority Task Description Link
P2 Improve Tester Functionality on WS Nodes (Create JavaScript Tester page

for particular REST node determined by Path and HTTP method)

P2 Implement Call REST Method action in java classes, by using Jersey Client API 133205


P2 Improve REST from Entity class wizard for JavaEE 6 (Annotate Entity classes by JAXB annotation rather than generating specific converters) 181161
P2 Improve REST from Database wizard, implement "Create Persistence Unit" checkbox 176960
P2 Implement support for REST Services configuration : create REST Application nodes based on @ApplicationPath annotation
P2 Implement REST Service Application(Configuration) wizard
P2 Support for REST in J2SE Project 122927
P3 Support for Spring Rest Services
P3 Enhance Hints for REST annotations (e.g. @ApplicationPath, @Path, @GET) 147666
P3 Support for "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" MIME TYPE 123097

SOAP Services

Priority Task Description Link
P2 Reduce number of classes loaded during project open . 177644(PERFORMANCE)
P2 Implement support for HTTP GET, HTTP POST bindings that can be specified in wsdl 174326
P2 Improve Call WS Operation action 174905
P2 Support for WS Creation in J2SE Project 176842
P3 Separate SEI contract from implementation, wizard enhancement, Separate SEI action 78936
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