Why do I get com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.ApplicationException when including page fragments?

When I try to include a .jsp page I get the following error:

com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.ApplicationException: javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Assertion Failed
com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.faces.ViewHandlerImpl.destroy(ViewHandlerImpl.java: 601)
com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.faces.ViewHandlerImpl.renderView(ViewHandlerImpl.ja va:316)
com.sun.faces.lifecycle.RenderResponsePhase.execute(RenderResponsePhase.java:87 )

How do I fix this?

This error occurs when you try to include the entire jsp page. Page fragments should not contain view, body, or head tags. If they do, you end up with invalid HTML when everything is combined together resulting in the above error.

Page Fragments should only contain the page content.

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