Dropdown: How do I add separators in my dropdowns?

Separators will only appear in between list options that implement OptionGroup (a subclass of Option). So, if a dropdown's "items" property is bound to a list that contains one or more OptionGroup elements, and if the "separators" property is set to true, then separators should appear. Below is an example on how to configure this:

  • Drag a basic > dropdown onto the designer
  • Press the Java tab at the top of the designer to enter Java mode
  • Locate the init() method and add the following source to the method
//Initialize OptionGroup1
OptionGroup optionGroup_1 = new OptionGroup();
Option[[ | ]] options_1 = new Option[] {
   new Option("red"),
   new Option("pink")
optionGroup_1.setLabel("Group 1");

//Initialize OptionGroup2
OptionGroup optionGroup_2 = new OptionGroup();
Option[[ | ]] options_2 = new Option[] {
   new Option("brown"),
   new Option("sepea")
optionGroup_2.setLabel("Group 2");

//Initialize dropdown with optionGroups
getDropDown1().setItems(new Option[]{optionGroup_1, optionGroup_2});
  • Reformat the code (Ctrl-Shift-F) and fix imports.
*  If your application is based on Java EE 5, choose com.sun.webui.jsf.model.Option.
* If your application is based on J2EE 1.4, choose com.sun.rave.web.ui.model.Option.

  • Deploy the application
  • The dropdown options will display with a separator between the groups.

Note: You can disable the separator property to list the options as if they were all obtained from the same group.

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