How can I use a dropdown to navigate to another page?

1. Right-click the Drop Down List component and select Auto-Submit on Change.

2. Use the Page Navigation Editor to create links from the page with the drop-down list to the other pages. The rest of the steps assume that you have 3 links -- case1, case2, and case3.

3. Close the Page Navigation editor and return to the page with the Drop Down List component in the Visual Designer. Right-click the Drop Down List component and choose Configure Default Options. (The Delving into Components tutorial shows how to set the list items programmatically.)

4. Make the Value for each option be one of the link names that you added in the Page Navigation editor, such as case1, case2, and case3.

5. In the Visual Designer, double-click the Drop Down List component. The Java Source editor opens up on the process value change event handler for the compnent.

6. Make the body of the method similar to the following code that is shown in bold (using the correct id for your Drop Down List component).

    public void dropDown1_processValueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {
        Application application = getApplication();
        NavigationHandler navigator = application.getNavigationHandler();
        FacesContext facesContext = getFacesContext();
        try {
            navigator.handleNavigation(facesContext, null,(String) getDropDown1().getSelected());
        } catch (Exception e) {
            log("can't navigate to " + (String) getDropDown1().getSelected());

7. Fix imports.

8. Run and test. You will see that the process value change doesn't get called if you try to select the first item when the page is first displayed. One way to fix that is to make the first item's Display value be something like "Choose One" and have its Value be something like "none." Then wrap the body of the process value change method in an if statement something like this.

if (!"none".equals(getDropDown2().getSelected()))
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