Visual Web in NetBeans 6.0 M7 Report

Dev Status NB6 Visual Web Mileston 7 Dev Status
Download NB6 build 200702061900
Visual Web Installer Build 070212_17
Stabilization Feb 12th -Feb 19th
Released Feb 20th 2007

How to Install VisualWeb Milestone 7

  • Install NB6 build
  • Then Use the VW installer to install visualweb into the extracted netbeans

What's New and Noteworthy

  • Visual CSS Editor in the VWP is now made available for use as a general IDE utility.

Review full list of new M7 features for complete picture of what's new in M7. M7 will be stabilized during a week of Feb 12th and released around Feb 19th.

Quality status

M7 has no serious issues users should be aware of when using it.

Stoppers fixed were:

  • 92882 - Remove dependency on JavaDataObject
  • 92882 - MissingResourceException adding converter
  • 95264 - TopologicalSortException when creating Java EE 5 project
  • 95483 - Some icons for Converters are missing from the Palette
  • 95597 - Double clicking Page fragment box in designer does not open page

Bug counts

Some bug numbers for stabilization week


  • We do not test the installer itself for branding, etc... This will be replaced with NB installer (all packs integrated) soon.
  • Sanity test has been tweaked for Milestone 7 working features
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