NB 6 Visual Web Milestone 7 Features

Theme for this milestone

M7 is the first appearance of Visual Web Pack capabilities in NetBeans 6. The primary goal for this milestone is to establish the basic visual web infrastructure on top of Retouche and bootstrap as many UI elements and features as possible. Given the extensive modifications required to refactor the code for open source, and migrate the source modeler to Retouche, visual web development features are significantly limited in this milestone build compared to the Visual Web Pack 5.5.

The VW team will produce (one last time) a pack installer that our internal QA can use to test the limited functionality in M7 and run some performance benchmarks. We do not plan to publish this installer on If anyone in the community is interested in trying M7 bits, they can always download the source and build it themselves.

Expect to see the following in M7:

  • Create a Java EE 1.4 Visual Web Project
  • Create a Java EE 5 Visual Web Project
  • Open the default page.jsp in the visual designer
  • View the Application Outline for the page
  • View the Bravehart components in the component palette (Java EE 1.4)
  • View the Woodstock components in the component palette (Java EE 5)
  • View the property sheet (updated based on selected component)properties are NOT EDITABLE
  • View the Dynamic Help window
  • Drag & drop any component onto the design surface
  • Reposition components on the design surface
  • Switch between design view and source view for any page
  • Build & Deploy the project
  • Save & Reload the project
  • Invoke the page flow navigator from project's navigation node. Pages visible in navigator but no ability to actually link pages yet.

The following will not be functional in M7

  • Changing component properties. This limitation cascades into many other features that will be constrained until insync phase II (M8) is complete.
  • Drag & drop database table or view onto design surface. Rowset appears in Application outline. Component databinding not yet supported.
  • Access Query editor from Application Outline / edit rowset query
  • Resizing, components
  • Data binding components
  • Refactoring

Additional notes on specific areas:

Open Source

  • Visual Web code available in open source CVS repository on with the following two possible exceptions:
  • Bravehart runtime code checked in as a binary library
  • Custom sql.rowset implementation checked in as a binary library
  • Project page with build instructions


  • Separate Visual Web Project type. Although the plan is to merge Visual Web Application projects with Web Application projects, M7 shows two distinct project types in the Create Project wizard. Select Visual Web Application to invoke the Visual Web features, just as in VWP 5.5.
  • M7 shows a project logical view similar to that of VW in 5.5


  • M7 still contains the closed source Bravehart and Woodstock component sets

Source Modelling

  • Insync has removed all references to the obsolete MDR-based java model.
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