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Priority definitions

  • P1: Defining
  • P2: Target
  • P3: Nice to have

Pri Task Id Task Owner Status Milestone Reference
1 Open source
P1 1.1 Source preparation and delivery to Chau Done M7 90449
P1 1.2 Sub Task: Sanity Test Migration Chau Done M7 93633
P2 1.10 Sample apps/sample complibs, etc., migration JimB
P2 1.11 l10n.list migration Chau M10 or 3 wks before code freeze
P2 1.12 translatedfiles migration Ashvini
P1 1.3 Sub Task: Apply changes to NetBeans trunk code to adjust friend module names to new visual web module name Sandip Chitale Done M7
P1 1.4 Sub Task: Apply changes to make all modules buildable against NB6.0 Sandip Chitale Done M7
P1 1.4.1 Sub Task: Integrate use of NetBeans binaries with Visual Web builds Ashvini Done M7
P1 1.5 Sub Task: Produce an installer build using pack installer in closed source for M7 build Ashvini Done M7
P2 1.6 Sub Task: Create the branch release60_vw Ashvini Mangalvedhekar Done
P2 1.7 Open source BH components on Dongmei Done M8
P2 1.8 DevRev API review of VW APIs Pavel, API owners
P2 1.9 Refactor propertyeditors module Gregory Done M8 94902
2 Project
P1 2.1 Import Creator 2 projects Po-Ting Done M9 90448
P2 2.2 Alignment w/plain jsf prj via framework Po-Ting Done M8 93470
P2 2.2.1 Leverage JSF binaries bundled by NetBeans for design time Winston Done M9 98532
3 Visual Designer
P3 3.1 Component decorations for data-aware components PeterZ Blocked by subtask M9 93710
P3 3.1.1 Sub Task: Components to provide back-end components Winston Implemented
(Not for NB6
To be released via AU)
4 Application Outline
P2 4.1 Move application outline into Navigator (Depended on NB Navigator Issues - resolved) PeterZ Done M9 93713
5 Source Modeling
P1 5.1 Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Deva M9 90451
P1 5.1.1 Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Phase I - Modeling of managed beans, drag'n'drop of components Deva Done M7
P1 5.1.2 Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Phase II - Modeling of property/event initialization block, Database binding, event handling, context method APIs Deva Done M8 97902
P1 5.2 Migrate Visual Web managed bean modeling to FacesConfigModel Deva Done 99281
P1 5.1.3 Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Phase III - navigation, code formatting Deva In progress M9 90451
P1 5.3 Migrate Visual Web refactoring to new Refactoring APIs Sandip Done M9 90532
P1 5.3.1 Design Spec for migration of Visual Web refactoring to new Refactoring APIs Sandip 80% M9 See
P1 5.3.2 Implement Page and Lifecycle Bean Rename and Move Refactoring Sandip In progress (90%) M9 98021
P1 5.4 Remove dependency on JavaDataObject Quy Done M7 92882
P1 5.5 Migrate Visual Web Java Refactoring to Retouche (depends on NetBeans Java refactoring work) Sandip In progress M10 90533
P1 5.6 Migrate manage bean modeling to FacesConfig API Deva Done M9 99281
P1 5.7 Implement Folder and Package Rename and Move Refactoring Sandip Done M10 104532
P1 5.8 Support generation of bean intialization code through Designtime API(See) Deva Planned M10 103051
P2 5.9 Support design time instance creation through Designtime API(See) Deva Planned 6.0 103052
P1 5.10 Implement Package and Folder level Rename and Move refactoring Sandip Planned M10 104532
6 Visual Portlet Builder
P1 6.1 Visual JSF Portlet Builder Jim Bisso 90454
7 Data Binding
P1 7.1 Visual EJB consumption for visual web apps Sanjay 90455
P1 7.2 Visual Web Service databinding for visual web apps Quy In Progress M10 90457
P2 7.3 Services Tab Window Winston Done 90458
P2 7.3.1 Define public contract to add nodes toServices Tab Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.2 Define DnD & Service Metadata contract API for data sources Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.3 Functional spec for Datasource Node Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.4 UI spec for Datasource Node Dusan
P2 7.3.5 Database Connection Node UI implementation JimD Done M8
P2 7.3.6 Functional spec for datasource consumer - VWP Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.8 Database Connection consumer implementation - VWP JimD Done M8
P2 7.3.10 Define DnD & Service Metadata contract API for Web Services Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.11 Define API for producer consumer interaction (Service Metadata Creation) Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.12 Functional spec for Web Services Node Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.13 UI spec for Web Services Node Dusan
P2 7.3.14 Web Services Node UI implementation Sanjay
P2 7.3.15 Functional spec for Web Services consumer - VWP Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.17 Web Services consumer implementation - VWP Sanjay
P2 7.3.19 Define DnD & Service Metadata contract API for EJB Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.20 Define API for producer consumer interaction (Service Metadata Creation) Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.21 Functional spec for EJB Node Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.22 UI spec for EJB Node Dusan
P2 7.3.23 EJB Node UI implementation Sanjay
P2 7.3.24 Functional spec for EJB consumer - VWP Winston Done M7
P2 7.3.26 EJB consumer implementation - VWP Sanjay
8 Database
P1 8.1 DataSource Alignment JohnB Done M10 89438
P1 8.1.1 Implement per project in-memory context JohnB Done M8 93216
P1 8.1.2 Provide a method for locating DatabaseConnection's for a Datasource JohnB Done M8 90207 note: method will move in M9, so issue 90207 is kept open
P1 8.1.3 Refactor visualweb getConnection to use NetBeans connections JohnB Done M9 98376
P1 8.1.5 Changes to NB db modules sherold Done 89439, 93815
P1 8.1.6 Changes to NB db modules lkotouc Done 93159
P1 8.1.7 move SQL Support packages to dataconnectivity JohnB Done M8 97312
P1 8.2 Project Migration, userdir (Datasources) JohnB Done M9 98286
P1 8.2.1 Targeted Project Migration, userdir (Datasources) JohnB Done M10 103082
P1 8.3 Resolving datasources (Datasources) JohnB Done M10 94804
P2 8.4 Datasource naming Jim Done M10 88871
P1 8.5 Replace com.sun.rave.sql.rowset impl w/ javax.sql.rowset David VC Completed (will not implement) M10 94906
P2 8.5.1 Subtask: Load the right implementation class given the Java VM version JimD Done M9
P2 8.6 Export VWP SQL Query editor to NetBeans JimD Done M10 90447
P2 8.7 VWP Query Editor/SQL editor alignment JimD Done M8 95615
P2 8.8 Migrate Query Editor to new graph library JimD Done M9 95617 95473
P2 8.9 Save server specific info in project, everytime JohnB Done M10 104444
9 Deployment
P1 9.1 JDBC resource configuration during deployment Stephan/PetrJ Done 89439
P1 9.2 Implement JDBC driver deployment (Sun AS) Nitya Done 6.0 99610
10 Other Creator 2 Features not implemented in Shortfin
P3 10.1 Import HTML Joelle TBD 90480
11 Feature Alignment
P2 11.1 Page Flow Editor Umbrella Joelle Completed Netbeans 6.0 97895
P2 11.1.1 Common Page Flow Editor for NetBeans - Stage 1 Joelle Completed M8 90459
P2 11.1.2 Graph 2.0 migration for Navigation Editor Joelle Completed M8 93848
P2 11.1.3 Common Page Flow Editor for NetBeans - Stage 2 Joelle Completed M9 97894
P2 11.1.4 Common Page Flow Editor for NetBeans - Final Joelle Completed M10 97896
P2 11.2 Export VWP CSS editor to NetBeans Winston Done M7 90446
12 Components
P1 12.1 Include components Dongmei On going 90465
P1 12.2 Migrate bundled JSF binaries to JSF 1.2_04 Winston Done M9 98537
P3 12.3 Sample app based on DynaFaces to show off PPF support in VWP Matt Done M7
P3 12.4 Design time support for DynaFaces Matt Done M9 90468
P3 12.5 Design time support for jMaki Edwin In Progress JavaOne, M9? 90469
P3 12.5.1 Sample app based VWP jMaki widgets Edwin JavaOne, M9
P3 12.6 Theme editor for web UI components Winston In Progress 90462
P3 12.7 Component authoring tool Gregory/Winston 90465
P3 12.8 Complib enhancements - Helpset, i18n support, UI improvements Edwin M9 92987, 93134
P3 12.9 Shorten component development edit-deploy-test cycle Edwin Prototype version M9 93885
P3 12.10 Page templates for flow layout Gregory on hold
P3 12.11 Improve support for Third-party component libraries Gregory on hold 97159,97160,97161,97162
P3 12.12 Complib UI improvements Edwin In Progress M9 Originally part of 12.8. 100267
13 Project Woodstock Tasks
P1 13.1 Enable easy update of woodstock library Edwin Done M7
P1 13.2 Bug fixes for ML/Woodstock update release including IE 7 Dongmei Done (integrated woodstock build 4) M7
P2 13.4 Design time for Editable List Gowri Done M7
P2 13.5 Design time for Orderable List Gowri Done M7
P2 13.6 Design time for FileChooser Pegah Done M7
P2 13.7 Design time for Scheduler Pegah Done M7
P2 13.8 Table component design time enhancements for JPA support Winston Done M9 98555
P2 13.8.1 Need insync support for generic type properties (for Task 13.8) Sandip
Done M9 98864
P2 13.9 Tab component enhancements to support navigation use case. Dongmei TBD
P2 13.10 Address usability issues, bugs in Calendar component Pegah TBD
P3 13.11 AJAX enable Selector components
P3 13.11.1 Client side Renderer for listbox Matt Done M10
P3 13.11.2 Client side Renderer for dropdown Dongmei Done M9
P3 13.11.3 Client side Renderer for checkbox Pegah Done M9
P3 13.11.4 Client side Renderer for radio button Gowri Done M9
P3 13.13 Property Sheet design time enhancements Dongmei TBD
P3 13.14 New Layout components Dongmei TBD
14 User Settings Migration
P1 14.1 Migrating user settings from Creator 2 or 2 update 1 to NB 6.0 John/Chau/Po-Ting Done M10 99740
P1 14.2 Actual Detection & Copying of Creator/VW files/directories Radek M9 & M10 99748

UI Tasks

These UI tasks only cover the P1 and P2 development tasks. UI design for P3 tasks will need to be added to the list if we decide to actually implement them.

Task Id Priority Task Notes
1 1 Usability study Evaluate degree to which NetBeans 6 preserves Creator ease of use with respect to discoverability and usability of visual web project type and visual design artifacts.
2 1 Services tab (AKA services palette) placement of top component, design the nodes, actions: add/remove/import/export, DnD experience, impact on runtime tab
3 1 Visual Web project framework project view, wizards, frameworks UI, etc.
4 1 VW portlet project framework, project template, etc.
5 1 Data sources alignment no HIE help needed - existing dialogs from NetBeans can be reused
6 1 Query editor alignment how to lauch QE for .sql files, any UI changes when converting to graphlib?
7 1 Page flow 99274
8 2 UI review of portalpack VW portlet support depends on this
9 2 JDBC resource config during deployment warning if the same resource is on server, warning for missing data source, etc.
10 2 CSS editor add preview and structural editor to the schliemann based css editor
11 1 User Settings Migration 99740
12 3 Component Library UI Improvements Already partially implemented. See Task #12.12 above.

*NON* Goals - Specifically not targeted for this release

  • Facelets

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