NetBeans Graph Library

Issues around creating an image from a scene object. We have fixed the issues in our code base. We would be willing to give the updated code to visual library team member.

  • 139627 - Export as Image empty diagram throws IllegalArgumentException
  • 139334 - image generated by Export As Image with Visible Window Only is not correct
  • 139332 - image generated by Export As Image lost extension points
  • 139327 - image generated by Export As Image has poor quality
  • 135248 - export image output repositioned selected link without element

UML Needs for 6.5

I am sure that we will find some issues while we continue to fix issues in our code base. However currently the following is the only issues we still need to resolve in the visual library.

Would Like to have for 6.5

While the following feature is not a show stopper for us it would really be nice to help make the diagrams look nicer.

  • 126515 - The Align with move should also suggest center alignment

Scene Layout Managers

UML will eventually require a number of graph layouts. Currently the visual library has a Tree layout and orthogonal graph layout. The tree layout did not meet our or the communities needs, and the orthogonal layout is slow and the edge routing is not very good. In fact we had to stop using the orthogonal edge routing, even though a good orthogonal edge routing could make a diagram look very nice. We have added a Hierarchical graph layout that was contributed to us by a community member (I will have to get his name for you later.) After adding the hierarchical graph layout we had a flurry of activity on the users mailing list. There seems to be a lot of excitement about an open source graph library that has good graph layouts. That was also one of the take aways we got from the visual libary BOF we did at JavaOne. The same professor has also said that he may be able to get a student to do a thesis project around orthogonal layouts. If that is the case we may be able to get a contributor for an orthogonal layout.

Print Preview

Kris was the owner of making the Print preview an formal API. From the last I know the API review is still in process.

API Review Pages

  • Graph Layouts
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